My First Ever Obstacle Course: London River Rat Race 2014 – A 10k Wet And Wild Run Like No Other

Are you ready to swim, wade, crawl, climb, jump, splash and run your way around our aquatic obstacle course and have a whole lot of fun en route?” These were the very words that immediately got my adrenaline pumping with excitement as I continued to read the email inviting me to partake in what is deemed to be London’s wet and wildest 10k run known to man and woman!

As you already know I’m the type of person that LOVES a challenge, especially when it involves anything that puts my physical and mental ability to the absolute test. Keen to know more, I browsed the London River Rat Race website and after watching the short and empowering video clip, I excitedly accepted the offer that entitled me to complementary entry.

The London River Rat Race is brought to you by the awesome ladies and gents behind the legendary Men’s Health Survival of The Fittest (urban assault courses) and is held at The Excel Centre, London England on Saturday 16th August 2014.

The course will be set around The Docklands, where participants will come face to face with 20 different water based and off shore activities and obstacles including…



Tire Run


50m Water Slide


Scrim Tree Maze


(20ft jump) Into The Drink


That last picture looks absolutely INSANE and as someone with a genuine fear of heights when having to jump (I can do rollercosters) I was glad to learn there is an option to ‘skip an activity’ should one not like the look of the challenge. This scenario greatly appeals but how can I possibly do that when I will be leading my breakin’ boundrez team around the course.

Gonna be honest here, the only way I will be landing ‘Into The Drink’ is by someone pushing me off lol (ladies please take note).

If you are excited as my team and I about The London River Rat Race, there is still time to enter by clicking here! Prices go up each month so do be quick and the more friends you can encourage to join you on what is set to be a great adventurous fun-filled day, you will also get group discount.

Stay tuned for team Breakin’ Boundrez training updates in the lead up this event.