Introducing Spartanfam – London’s Fastest Growing Calisthenics Movement

I have been a spartanfam member for approx six months now, and religiously attend the spartanbars class held at @Nike1948 every Friday evening with the rest of the fam. You’re probably wondering how I became involved in this awesome, heartfelt movement that Chaka Clarke aka Chakabars has founded (which, as I type this blog,  keeps growing at a rate of knots).

I first came across @chakabars via a retweet on twitter showing @portiafreno completing homework video no 4. After watching the video in full I instantly fell in love with the concept of using your own body weight to exercise without the need to be a part of a gym or use equipment.

The homework videos couldn’t have come at a better time in my life as I was completing my last year of University, and had to temporarily give up my beloved Kickboxing and other sporting activities in March 12 to concentrate on my final exams as well as complete a 12,000 word dissertation.

Chaka’s videos allowed me to complete a good workout in between my revision breaks, which was blessing as I didn’t have to leave home, or buy additional gym equipment to complete the exercises demonstrated. Better still each video takes approx 20 mins of your time to complete. Whilst you may feel tired and sore afterwards, the sense of achievement you get upon completion outweighs the tiredness.

I would consider myself very fit with all the activities I do but whilst doing the homework video’s it quickly became apparent the area’s I needed to improve on *burpees in particular* The Spartanfam concept is all about personal progression over perfection.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not the fastest, strongest or fittest… so long as you are doing your best that is all that matters, you against yourself! This is also evident at the #spartanbars classes held at Nike 1948 on Friday evenings.


I was immediately taken aback at how friendly and welcoming everyone was when I rolled up for my first class with the fam back in mid May 2012, something I am forever grateful to @itsinfa for, as he recommended that I take up the last space at class available at the time to Chaka . The class members really dig in deep when it gets tough, but are also just as quick to help one another when a fellow Spartan is struggling, thus demonstrating that teamwork indeed makes the dream work!


Every week the spartanbars crew turn up and go haaaard. NO EXCUSES! We just get on with the task in hand whatever the weather *yeah we train outdoors and yesss its freezing cold and raining most of the time* We are more than just a typical class though… we are a Family 1st and Street Athlete’s 2nd!


The progression I have witnessed from those that attend the class during my six months of joining has me feeling like a very proud Mother *grins from ear to ear*. Every single one of us at class continues to get noticeably faster, stronger and generally much fitter week in week out ,with every class we get under our belt. The fam are currently in training for a 10k Mud race filled with various challenging obstacles in February 2013, not to mention the ultimate beast of challenge known to man and woman the ‘Tough Mudder’ race in May 2013 *10-12miles with 25 differnet obstacles*.

If you are not familiar with us I recommend you check out , have a look at what we get up to and if you’re still interested after browsing the site *I’m pretty sure you will be* start off by doing the homework’s listed on the the site whilst signing up to the waiting list to join class should you live in London.

2013 is gearing up to be very exciting for all those associated with the movement. From various mud races we have entered into that will no doubt test our teamwork, strength and determination to overcome our fears, to going on a weeks long training camp in the beautiful surroundings of Turkey to prep for our next event.

Chaka also has plans put in place to build a Spartanfam park in London to start with, giving us adults a playground of our own to freely workout in without being met by the barriers currently surrounding adults being in a park / playground without a child.

What this young man has created and continues to create is nothing short of amazing. He has made exercise accessible for ALL, leading by example that you do not need the privilege of a gym membership or purchase expensive equipment in order to keep fit. Spartanfam uses the local parks and natures surroundings to workout by using a park bench; bicycle racks etc hence the motto Anytime Anyplace Anything.

For me, Spartanfam represents a group of individuals of mixed genders all on the same journey to become fitter, healthier and stronger warriors whilst communicating our progress on social networks and sharing our healthy eating recipes to inspire others to make better choices around health and wellbeing. This is not a movement where you turn up and solely focus on your own fitness progress though. Whilst spartanbars members have varying fitness abilities, we Start and Finish the sessions ‘together’! There is no ‘I’ in team… if you’re not a team player this is simply not for you, a concept also strongly shared within my own Breakin’ Boundrez team I founded and currently lead.

imageI am really thankful to be a part of this positive movement and beyond proud to be appointed as one of their Ambassadors. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone wanting to get fit and active.

To all those wishing to join the movement but are worried that you may not be fit enough, please remember that it’s the journey and not the destination that counts. We are all in this together. Make that first step by completing the homework videos. Remember… us Spartanfam members are one AHOOO away!

Follow the team on Instagram and Twitter @chakabars @spartanfam

Your Girl Danni 😉

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