Celebrating Two Important Milestones This October (please god) – My 2nd Year Blogiversary and 12th Year Anniversary

I will be celebrating not one but TWO very important milestones this October please god. Believe it or not, this month will mark the 2nd year since is very blog site This Woman’s Word was established! What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a deep passion and through this platform I surprisingly unearthed my skills as a health and fitness writer / journalist despite being dyslexic with dyspraxic traits. Also, this time next week, will mark 12 years that my boo and I who happens to be my best friend and soulmate have been together please god. Tis true, I have plenty to be thankful for!

In relation to my journey as  an aspiring freelance writer and journalist within the Health, Fitness and Green Beauty Industry, words simply cannot begin to fathom just how over-joyed I am to have met, worked with and indeed forged GREAT friendships with some incredibly AMAZING, kind-hearted individuals, readers / followers, brand and company owners, fellow bloggers, writer and pr representatives over the last few years all whilst enlightening and hopefully inspiring YOU the reader along to way to make better decisions when attempting to lead a health conscious, fit and active eco-friendly lifestyle.

Of course I have to celebrate my 2nd blogiversary with a few awesome GIVEAWAYS, a small gesture on my part to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, to simply say THANK YOU for your ongoing support, words of encouragement and  most importantly for keep coming back to check out my latest articles. Do keep an eye out re the various competitions over the next coming days 🙂

I’m not going to lie to you, it is pretty tough at times to juggle a demanding day job as well as maintaining all blog related tasks including pr in the evenings and weekends, but it makes it all worthwhile to know what I have set out to do (inspire) is being appreciated and acknowledged by those that take the time out to read my content (thanks again).

With my upcoming Blogiversay and Anniversary looming ever nearer, one thing I have certainly learnt over the years and would like to share with you all is this…

“If one works hard and invests their time wholeheartedly into something they truly believe in… that thought turns into a day, one day turns into a week, that week will turn into a month, a month turns into a year and that year will eventually turn into a decade and beyond”

Apply this attitude to all aspects of your life and you will honestly reap the benefits, ten fold.

Here’s to many more years as a writer and life with my heartbeat please god.

Have a great evening Beautiful People, Stay Blessed! 🙂

Note: You may have picked up on the term ‘please god’ Never one to take life for granted, I say this at any given opportunity  when discussing an event in the near or distant future. The next 30 seconds are not ours for certain, let alone next week.