Abs Are Made By What you eat


I have been training my abs frequently for the last 2 months hoping to get some definition and the legendary v line. During the first month I was going H.A.M on the ab focused exercises without adjusting my diet hence seeing little improvements.

Now I eat clean six days a week coupled with training and as you can see from my picture the improvements speak for itself.

Ladies and Gents, truth be told abs are made in the Kitchen NOT the Gym *a common misconception*.

If you exercise frequently whilst  fuelling your body with unhealthy eating choices / junk food, you will not reap the benefits training has to offer.

Simply put… Clean Eating + Exercise = RESULTS.

You wouldn’t put the incorrect fuel in your car as it wouldn’t run properly, the same principles apply with your body.

If one of your fitness goals are to get lean and defined, make the necessary steps to improve your diet by eating less junk,more fruit, veg, fish, poultry and complex carbs such as sweet potatoes, brown rice whilst adopting a cross training regime that involves High Intensity Interval Training and the use of Free Weights.