1st Degree Black Belt Grading – Five Weeks Out and Counting

So…. My 1st Degree Black Belt Grading is just over five weeks away *eeeek* Whilst I am focused on the task ahead this gruelling four hour exam means more to me than you think! Not only will I gain black belt status upon successful completion, this will ultimately mean that I will be acknowledged as a certified Kickboxing Instructor which will enable me to finally set up and teach my own classes independent of my Sensei’s guidance, with a strong focus on Women’s Training.

I first got the opportunity to grade for my 1st Dan back in 2010. Those that know me personally would agree that I am my worst critique, and strongly felt at the time I was nowhere near ready or at the standard required to pass my black belt exam with ease so made the descision to pull out at the eleventh hour.

The next opportunity to grade came in October 2011, and whilst I felt confident in the run up to the grading, the date unfortunately clashed with my first ever Half Marathon I was doing on behalf of my Uncle who was diagnosed with Motor Neuron’s Disease but lost his battle in November 2012 (rest in paradise Uncle Del x)

The year 2012 was a complete write off Kickboxing wise. I was in my last year of University and had to prioritise passing my exams and coursework to ensure I obtained my degree. Whilst I hated not being able to train regularly, that sacrifice had to be done and as a result paid off *graduated with a 2:2 in Quantity Surveying Consultancy*

2013 however has been what I call the ‘year of personal growth’. I made the descision to distance myself from people in my life who were nothing but negative, who weren’t likeminded, goal driven and generally wanted more from life. I put my head down, drafted some long and short term goals for the year and made the concious descison to invest in myself before I can proceed in helping others with their goals and aspirations.

I successfully obtained a Level 2 CYQ Gym Instructor Certificate to enchance my Kickboxing qualifications, and started this very blog as a way to channel my passion for all things health, fitness and nutrition whilst also using it as a tool to help me organise myself better to overcome my dyslexic traits that effect me in everyday life.

All that said *I know I went slightly off subject lol but hey it is my blog ;)*, I am beyond ready to enter the next stage in my life as a qualified Kickboxing Instructor, with a particular focus to empower women to take up Martial Arts whilst training for optimal health and eating a balanced diet as opposed to chasing aesthetic goals and going on calorie restricted diets *this is not the way forward ladies, Trust Me*

There’s a lot riding on this four hour exam for I like to achieve my goals I set out not miss them, but am more than ready to rise to the challenge, make those temporary sacrifices and put in whatever hours are needed to ensure I ACE my 1st Dan Grading on Sunday 13th October 2013.

Floyd Mayweather and his camp are known known for chanting “Haaaard Work, Dedication” in the lead up to a fight. Believe me when I say this is me for the next five weeks!

Wishing the best of luck to my fellow kb friends at my club who are also going for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belts *you know who you are* We got this guys 🙂