Get Ready For Organic September 2016

Organic September, the UK’s biggest and best celebration of all things organic, is back and over the course of the month I will be playing a small part to help spread the word by enlightening you beautiful people with articles such as ‘top food swaps’ how you can make subtle changes to support the environment, animal welfare and our health by choosing organic, green, eco-friendly and ethical alternatives etc.

As you may be aware I try to live a organic, green and eco-conscious lifestyle as much as possible and true to my passions I will be putting together an A-Z Green and Eco Guide for those interested in making the switch or are new to such alternatives which will include trusted products / reputable brands (most of which I have used myself) across various industries such as Beauty, Skincare, Baby Toys, Food, ClothingCosmetics, Household and Transportation.

I am hoping this great will act as a great reference / starting point for those wishing to explore trusted and recommended organic, green and eco alternatives.

Organic September near you!


The Soil Association is hosting key events throughout September.  London’s Roman Road Yard Market will get an organic makeover on Saturday 10th September with a pop-up Organic Market with thirty of the UK’s hottest organic food and drink brands being in attendance.

Be sure to follow @SoilAssociation and @RomanRoadLDN on Twitter and tweeting using hashtag #OrganicSeptember.

Glasgow’s Botanical Gardens will host an organic pop up wellness event on 12 September and the infamous The Soil Association Organic Beauty Week is from the 19th – 25th September.

Throughout Organic Beauty Week, brands, consumers and partners will be invited to use the #OrganicBeauty and #OrganicSeptember hash tags to create an online area for all to engage in the campaign. A full list of all activities, as well as dates and locations for events, can be found on The Soil Association Website.