Our Family Travel Bucket List – Caribbean Edition

*This is a sponsored collaboration with Destination2* With half term fast approaching many will be organising a short break away so thought it would be a good idea to share My Family Travel Bucket List – Caribbean Edition. Neither my significant other and I have been abroad together in the 15 years our relationship first started and with a not so new addition to the family in the form of little Eco we have been thinking about places we would like to visit as a family of three please god. Our Heritage and Culture is very important to us and both want little Eco to grow up with extensive knowledge of his bloodline and ancestry.

My other half took a keen interest in genealogy a few years ago and has successfully completed his family tree going back at least 6 generations so it is only natural that the places we want to visit first are parts of the Caribbean including Grenada, Carracou, Jamaica, and Guyana.

Why Grenada?

Simply put, this small Caribbean island (think the population of Harrow!) is where the majority of my other half’s family is from and is the line he embarked upon finding out more to complete a family tree so is rich in family history. It is also where we drew inspiration in naming our Son (found in the records whilst researching his ancestors).

Speaking of history, I count myself extremely fortunate to have interviewed the Flag and Motto designer of the Grenada Flag Sir Anthony C. George for my blog back in 2014. Grenada will be the destination we will visit first when little Eco is a bit older please god.

Image Source: http://puregrenada.com/explore/scuba-diving/underwater-sculpture-park/

Another reason for wanting to visit this gorgeous island is to pay homage to our African Ancestors that were thrown overboard during the journey through the Middle Passage from West Africa to the Americas by visiting Vicissitudes, located at the Underwater Sculpture Park in Molliniere Bay.

Why Guyana?

Guyana is where my biological father’s side of the family is from and so am naturally curious to learn more about this country, how they live, traditional cuisine and the culture as very little information was passed onto me growing up.

Situated on South America’s North Atlantic coast, is defined by its dense rainforest and is the only South American Nation in which English is the first language.

Image Source: Island Hikers

On my bucket list of places to visit is the ever stunning Kaieteur Falls and is the world’s largest single-drop waterfall by volume. I am interested to learn about the culture for Guyana is known for its multi ethnic population.

Why Jamaica?

Image Source: Pixabay

Jamaica is where the other half of my partner’s family are from and in keeping with wanting our Son to know his roots and ancestry Jamaica is another Caribbean island we’d love to visit in the future please god.

On the list of places to visit is the capital of Jamaica Kingston, the Bob Marley Museum, the famous Dunn’s River and the sandy beaches of Montego Bay.

There are other Islands we’d love to explore including Trinidad and Tobago and Antigua but wanted to share our top 3 islands with you first.

Do you have a Family Bucket List? I’d love to know which destinations are on your list of places to visit by leaving me a comment in the box below.