Thoughtful Thursday: Donating Unused Beauty Products – Making A Difference To The Young Girls and Women of BelEve UK

Social media, if used in the right way can bring you awesome opportunities to work with amazing people, brands, charities and community projects. Whilst contributing to the #brownbeauty discussion hosted by @brownbeautytalk on Twitter a few weeks back, a lady I had met at the Loreal Mizani #SoNatural session, mentioned donating unused beauty products to the BelEve Project. Being the humanitarian type and charitable person I am this was a no brainer for me as there is genuinely nothing I LOVE more than to help others where I can.

So What Is BelEve UK?


BelEve UK is a Social Enterprise that’s passionate about Inspiring ChangeEducation and Empowering Growth. Marsha Powell, the brainchild behind BelEve UK, decided to give up her corporate job, a good salary and stability 18 months ago in favour of  fulfilling her passion of working and spending time supporting girls and young women through high quality engaging and outcome-focused activities, thus enabling and enriching their lives with a goal setting approach.

Marsha and her small team also advocate that “anything is possible when you believe in yourself”, an ethos and support network I am 100% behind as sometimes all it takes is one person’s guidance, kindness and generosity to change ones perspective and outlook in life.

In an ideal world we would get this type of support, encouragement and positive attitude from our family, but what happens when this is non-existent in a person’s house hold for whatever reason?

That same child could grow up with confidence issues, lack of self believe and all too often be defeatist waaaay before they’ve even begun to try their hand at something they wanted to do! That’s not what I want for our younger generation; and certainly not for my unborn children please god, we all should be working hard to take charge and inspire change within our community!

This is where people like the awesome team of individuals like BelEve UK come in to play. Marsha and co work with young girls and women to supply and equip them with the necessary skills and tools that promote self-belief, self-love, self-confidence and addressing emotional, mental and physical well-being all whilst developing leadership skills and other social qualities.

What are BelEve UK’s Aim’s and Objectives?

  • Provide face to face impartial Information, Advice and Guidance to girls’ and young women; especially those who are Vulnerable; to Inform, Inspire and Motivate Change.
  • Contribute to the reduction of the NEET population, teenage pregnancies, youth crime and social exclusion through positive prevention and intervention projects; facilitating the process for young women to gain the right skills to be able to reflect and improve confidence, alongside increased experience and opportunities to progress in Education or the Workplace and the ability to make informed decisions alongside leading a healthy life.
  • Working in Partnership with other agencies and service providers; especially Schools, Youth Services, Health and Employment agencies to maximise positive outcomes for girls and young women.
  • Work with Local Business to increase recruitment opportunities for young women; whilst reducing the disconnection between the skills our young women are gaining and those that Local Businesses require.


These points above are just some of the main reasons why I personally want to get involved and help out where I can with this project, and my first contribution was donating unused beauty products that was lying around and slowly cluttering up the spare room. It warms my heart to know the products you see in the picture above will be given to the girls as part of their well-deserved beauty bags of treats for completing a six week long summer workshop with BelEve throughout the school holidays.

As the saying goes one persons rubbish is someone else’s treasure and can sleep well tonight knowing I’ve contributed in putting a smile on a few young women’s faces 🙂

How Can I Help and Get Involved?

If this article has empowered and encouraged  you to also donate any unused beauty products to this great cause of helping young girls and women, please drop me an email and I will advise you the best way of doing so. 

If the response is quite high (fellow blogger friends reading this I encourage you to share this article within your circles), I may just host my first ever fitness event (tbh this is loooong overdue) where you can bring your beauty products along, have a mind-blowing, sweat-fuelled workout, meet the ever delightful Marsha in person to learn more about BelEve UK and leave on serious natural high that will last you for days on end!

Giving back selflessly really does do wonders for the soul…. BelEvveee Meee! (pun intended)

BelEve UK can be found online by visiting BelEve UK website, BelEve UK Facebook or by simply following them on Twitter.