Using Wall Murals As An Alternative To Standard Wallpaper

*This is a collaborative post with Wallsauce* Residing in a private rented property often means that one does not have full control of the overall décor of the apartment but that does not stop me putting my creative flair to use and imagining how I would style each room when we eventually move into our new home as home-owners in the near future please god.

One of things that have fascinated me to date are wall murals. My downstairs neighbour has one in her living room and am extremely impressed at how the wall feature really makes an otherwise ordinary room stand out. As a have a few moments to spare while my Son sleeps blissfully on my chest and I thought it would be a great opportunity to share some wall murals I would potentially purchase using Wallsauce as an example…

Toddler Playroom Decor

My 21 month old Son is currently emergency vehicle and transport obsessed so think the above designs has quite possibly swayed me as I originally had the idea of using transport wall art stickers.

Living Room Inspiration

Given that my household is predominantly of Caribbean heritage, having a permanent view of a beach and sunset will no doubt bring much brightness and overall feel of warmth and happiness to one’s living room. We already have an original painting of a Grenada Beach and sunset by Grenadian Artist Anthony C. George so something like this as a wall mural would be the perfect complement.


Creating A Sense of Calm In The Bedroom


I do not follow any type of religion as such but love the whole concept and calm Buddhism brings. Practising daily meditation mindfulness is a must in my household so installing a wall mural like this above our bed would remind us to to only project a positive mindset and attitude no matter what adverse situations life may throw our way.

The Option To Customise With Wallsauce

I particularly LOVE that Wallsauce gives customers the option of uploading their own image that will be transformed into a wall mural, thus creating a sense of real uniqueness. Now that I know this option exists I have considered this option with a few photographs of my Son and as a family of three for our current place of residence.

It was nice to have shared my thoughts with you beautiful people on the types of style and design I would choose but now keen to learn your thoughts if you were to purchase a wall mural for your home?

Let me know by leaving me a comment in the box below 🙂