My Ideal Woman Cave Sanctuary

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Taskers Online . Even before my first born Son entered the world almost 17 months ago, I have always been the type of individual to put others first before sparing a seconds thought for myself. It is just the way I am. I often give so much of myself to others that I forget to focus on me and now that I am a Mother, ‘me time’ simply does not exist for my days are spent with my Son and by the time evenings come around I am faaar too tired to want to do anything.

Having recently undergone a small project of transferring our spare room into a Montessori inspired playroom for my Son, I found myself daydreaming of creating my own Woman Cave if space and money was no object…

Of course this is not reality for we currently live in a small 2 bedroom flat but a woman can still dream right?

Thinking into the future when we eventually move from our current place of residence to a house with more space, bedrooms and a nice big garden, the items below are some of the things I would incorporate into my Ideal Woman Cave Sanctuary.


For the decor I would opt for soft blue and purple hues. Blue happens to be my FAVOURITE colour and the colour purple always seems to have a lasting calming effect on me.


My sanctuary would ideally have big glass windows to encourage natural light to seep through as well as frames of loved ones, inspiring quotes and a message to myself upon entering this space why this little getaway within my home is essential for ones wellbeing.

Superfood / Smoothie Bar


Eating nutrient rich foods is something we as a household regularly do so it would only seem right to have a dedicated bar area for delicious smoothies, juices and detox water. The above image taken from Pintrest is the closest image to the idea I had in mind when thinking of a space saving self serving bar area.

Floor Standing Mirror


I truly believe that practising the art of self love and appreciation is what everyone should do, especially us women! All too often we find ourselves criticising the way we look, our body shape etc.

Invest in a Floor Standing Mirror, look at your reflection every time you enter your sanctuary and repeat the following affirmation “I am ENOUGH and I am BEAUTIFUL just the way I am“.

I promise this will immediately boost your confidence whilst empowering you to continue on with the rest of the day in high spirits… If you do not believe me, TRY IT!

Built In Pool


Now this is probably the most extravagant idea I had when thinking of a Woman Cave but being a true water baby I am the most happiest when relaxing in water. It honestly takes all of life’s stresses away and if I could, I would sooo have a built in pool area with alpha music gently playing in the background.

It would be absolute HEAVEN if this Mama could get some undisrupted sleep from time to time so having a bed right near the pool is my idea of pure bliss!

Essential Oils Diffuser


In order to create the perfect relaxing environment having a mood enhancing essential oils diffuser is a must in my ideal Woman’s Cave Sanctuary! Having recently attended a Christmas In July Event I instantly fell in love with the Ellia Aspire Diffuser from Ho Medics.

It was nice to be able to daydream and imagine what my own Woman Cave Sanctuary might look like and have been inspired to create a digital free space just for me to unwind and recharge when we next move please god.

What idea’s would you have to create your own Woman Cave Sanctuary if space and money was no option?

I’d love to know by leaving me a comment below 🙂