How to make an Ethical Choice When Buying a New Kitchen

*This is a sponsored collaboration with Used Kitchen Exchange* Whether you’ve recently moved into a property or you’re looking for an upgrade, buying a new kitchen is an exciting is an exciting milestone to look forward to. However, there can be an environmental impact when you purchase a new kitchen. If you choose to dispose of your current one, kitchens are made with a high quality of MDF which is carcinogenic and this ends up in local landfill!

The majority of the time, there isn’t anything wrong with these kitchens; they just aren’t to our taste. Here’s how you can buy a kitchen ethically, and avoid your current one going into landfill

Trading in Your Current Kitchen

So you have your heart set on a new kitchen, but what do you do with the current one? It’s most likely in good condition, and it would be a shame to throw it away, right?

That’s where a specialist kitchen regeneration company like Used Kitchen Exchange comes in. They can help make sure that your kitchen goes to a new home where it will be loved and cherished, and they aim to make the process as simple as possible. They’ll survey the kitchen, take professional photos, make note of any damage and advertise it on their website.

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You may even make a healthy profit out of saving your kitchen from going to landfill – previous sellers have made up to £20,000.

In 2017, Used Kitchen Exchange reached the landmark of selling over 1000 kitchens, meaning that they have saved the space of 10 football pitches from landfill.

Buying Used/Ex-display

For a truly guilt-free kitchen purchase, why not buy a regenerated kitchen?

Used Kitchen Exchange has a vast range of kitchens for sale. Their used kitchens have come from homes where the kitchen was inherited and not the owner’s taste, from properties which are under development, or from people simply wishing to give their former kitchen a new lease of life.

They also have a selection of ex-display kitchens, which have come from showrooms. You can often get a designer kitchen which has been hardly used for a fraction of the price. Sometimes, accessories and appliances are included!

Buying your kitchen used or ex-display gives you more money to make it your own. You can paint the units, play around with the doors and handles of the cupboards and invest in quality accessories.

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For the most eco-friendly choice, purchase a kitchen which is free of formaldehyde which is a carcinogen that releases over time, and free from PVC which can be toxic if it is burnt.

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, there is a way to do it without harming the environment!

Give life to your current kitchen by trading it in, and buy used/ex-display for the ultimate eco-friendly kitchen purchase.