3 Simple DIY Home Décors That Will Make Your Home Bright And Beautiful

*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with BingoMagix* Our home is our little heaven on earth.  The only place where you feel safe, comfortable and at ease, after a rough day you look forward to rushing home and relaxing with your favourite drink in your pyjamas, and imagine how good you would feel if your home is brightened up with beautiful décors. Here are 3 simple DIY home décors that will make your home look bright and beautiful

Balloon Orbs

Image Source: Pintrest

You will need:

  • Dark coloured Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tacky Glue
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Scrap paper to protect work surface

 Making your balloon orbs:

1. Cover work area with scrap paper.

2. Blow up the balloon to desired size, and set aside.

3. In a bowl, mix 3 parts glue with 1 part water. We just eye-balled it, using just a little water. You want to thin out the glue enough to be workable, but not too runny. If you add too much water, the orb will be flimsy when it dries.

4. Cut a long, long piece of yarn and place in the water/glue mixture.

5. Make sure the yarn is fully saturated, and then begin wrapping the yarn around the balloon.

6. To begin wrapping it around the balloon, hold the end of the yarn with the neck of the balloon. Then      continue to wrap the yarn around the balloon.

7. To finish, tuck the end of yarn around and under another piece of the yarn.

8. Let the yarn dry, and then pop the balloon. We like to use scissors to cut a small hole in the neck of the balloon; that way, the air hisses out instead of a loud “pop!”

9. To hang, just tie a piece of string and display it where ever you like!


Image Source: Pixabay

You will need:

  • Flowers & leaves
  • Essential oils
  • Herbs

Making your potpourri

1. Make sure the flowers, leaves and herbs are completely dry. Preferably air dried or dry in an oven for at least 2 hours till they become brittle

2. Add 10-15 drops of your favourite essential oils into one tablespoon of water in a small spray bottle

3. Spray the liquid over the dried herbs, flowers and leaves and store it in an air tight container till the fragrance sets in

4. Transfer the potpourri into a container with holes so that the fragrance disseminates into the entire room.

Jar lanterns

Image Source: Pixabay

You will need:

  • An old jar
  • A medium sized gauged wire
  • Tea light candles

Making your jar lanterns

1. Unscrew the lid of the jar and give it a good clean to remove any dirt or debris

2. Take a medium gauge wire, and begin with leaving 2-3 feet of the wire at the end, the excess wire can be used for hanging the lanterns

3. Wrap the wire around the jar, just below the thread where the lid screws on, wrapping the wire 2-3 times will be sufficient to keep it secure

4. Once all the jars are wound with the wire, drop the little tea light candles and screw the top of the jar back on, without the metal cap

5. Once the lanterns are hung, it is time to light the candles, a barbecue lighter should work

6. Why buy when you can make? It is very simple to decorate your lovely home with these easy DIY decors.

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