Hiring A Cleaner Made Easier With Bidvine!

For the absolute longest I have wanted to de-clutter the spare room which is currently home to our dryer, clothes, Eco’s books and toys as well as mountains of stuff we brought with us when we moved into our flat 10 years ago! When I was pregnant with Eco during 2015/16, the thought did cross my mind to begin the painstaking process of going through the endless letters and utility bills I’ve had cira 2002, amongst the clothes I no longer wore etc and whilst I have since made several attempts at finally de-cluttering, I will shamefully admit that it always goes back to being cluttered.

You see, my biggest problem is that I’m a self confessed serial hoarder, and it wouldn’t be bad if I actually put my hoarding abilities to good use like saving money for example but that is unfortunately not the case. 

For some strange reason unbeknown to me, I have a habit (more like a gift!) for hoarding EVERYTHING that does not need to be kept. With Eco fast approaching 15 months, the Mum Guilt I feel for him not having his own place to play and learn at home was really starting to get me down and knew I had to take action immediately!

For those who are regular readers of my blog will know that I am keen to set up a Montessori enviroment for my Son after closely observing him play for the last 4 months. He’s the most inquisitive little boy and shows an absolute love for all things practical life, how things work and wanting to have a go at completing the task himself. 

With this in mind I was keen as ever to FINALLY convert our awful, cluttered spareroom into a place where Eco can learn, develop and thrive. Then it hit me…. how was I even going to begin this painstaking process? My answer Bidvine!

Bidvine is an online portal that hires trusted local professionals via their site

All you have to do is simply select or type in which service you require to begin the process. You are then prompted to ask a few questions to highlight your specific needs/requirements in order for Bidvine to send the best professionals suited to complete the job.

I personally liked this part of the site as it allowed me to accurately provide exactly what tasks I needed help with as opposed to them making a guess and generalising my request. 


I opted for a Property Clean up to hire a cleaner and unfortunately for them  this involves removing a single bed, unwanted household appliances, boxes, clothes, letters and exercising equipment.

I wanted to provide as much information about the level of service I required, not only for clarification purposes but also so the hired professionals knew from the get go exactly what was involved which will avoid unnecessary confusion and potential time wasted on the day of visit. 

Much to my delight there was even the option to provide photographs which I thought was an excellent addition to the service as I could really tailor my request!

Once you have answered the questions you simply set up a password and wait for the quotes to come in and am pleased to say overnight I received at least 3 super competitive, affordable quotes, all with the reassurance that a trained professional was being hired! 

Gone are the days of frantically searching through the Yellow Pages, praying that I’ll find someone who is 1 qualified and 2 does not charge the earth. Bidvine has come to my rescue of sorting out a Property Clean Up and am certain their services will be used again sometime in the near future please god. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Bidvine but as always thoughts and opinions are honest and entirely my own.