Places To Eat: Brunch In Central London With Foxcroft and Ginger Soho Branch

If you are looking for somewhere in the heart of Central London to host an informal meeting, or simply to catch up with a few of your friends in a welcoming, intimate and relaxed atmosphere, then Foxcroft and Ginger Soho Branch should be on your list of places to visit for brunch. My first complimentary experience was during the evening a few months ago, and whilst my guest and I caught up over some delicious flat bread pizza’s and devine homemade cakes I actually want to share my thoughts on Foxcroft and Ginger brunch menu, a recently paid for visit at the Soho Branch to host a business meeting.

Image courtesy of Foxcroft and Ginger

My guest and I arrived at F&G Soho shortly after 10.00 am and despite the main seating area being relatively full, the area downstairs provided a more intimate and quite atmosphere, making it more than ideal to talk business with my guest. I’m usually very indesisive when presented with choice, and nearly found myself opting for the house made sausage with peppers, mushrooms, fried eggs and sourdough toast based my good friend Sasha Shantel’s review, but my taste buds were unsuprisingly crying out for something a little sweet so I ultimately descided on their Banana French Toast with Walnuts, Honey Bacon and Mascaponi!

Despite not having it before, my guest was all giddy with excitment as our waiter described the taste and texture of ‘French Toast’ so after a further 5 minutes of pondering weathter to have the same as me (I swear she is just as bad as me) she decided to go all out and opt for French Toast with Bechamel Sauce, Ham & Cheese and Honey & Mustard and when our plates arrived at our table in no less than 10 minutes, we both were amazed at the presentation, so much so that we didn’t want to tuck in to begin with.

Banana French Toast With Walnuts, Honey Bacon and Mascapone
French Toast With Bechamel Sauce Ham & Cheese And Honey & Mustard

Now I’ve chosen to use official F&G photographs for this review to truly show off the presentation and yumminess that my not so great camera phone could only dream of capturing. As for the taste test, where do I honestly start? Firstly, who would have thought that a mouthful of baked sliced banana’s, bacon and a few walnut piees drizzled in lashings of honey would create an explosion of flavor.

This extremely wired but wonderful combination excited my tastebuds in ways words cannot begin to describe. Add to that the wonderful soft but slightly crunchy french toast and generous helpings of mascapone makes this a dish you MUST TRY the next time you pass by Central London.

My guest on the otherhand literally oooo’d and aahhhh’d with every bite (literally) and you know the food is on point when you are sucumbed to complete silence throughout the duration of eating. Having brunch at Foxcroft and Ginger is quite reasonably priced too, with prices starting at £6.40.

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Copyright This Woman’s Word

It is worth mentioning their freshly baked goods are also worth trying, and personally recommend the chocolate and orange cake if you are a chocolate orange lover or the coffee and walnut cupcake.

About Foxcroft and Ginger

Foxcroft and Ginger is run by dynamic husband and a wife duo Quintin and Georgina. Interestingly enough,  the name Foxcroft and Ginger is a fusion of the surname of the husband and the hair colour of the wife! The pair both spent over ten years launching successful restaurants before taking the plunge with their own creation, Foxcroft and Ginger. A further two venues are located in Whitechapel and  a pop up store in Old Street.

Foxcroft and Ginger can be found by visiting the Foxcroft and Ginger website, Foxcroft and Ginger Facebook or by simply following their Twitter.