NEWLY LAUNCHED: Bianca Miller London – The Hosiery Brand Created To Redefine Nude

Image Courtesy of Bianca Miller London

If you’re a fan of BBC Business Show The Apprentice, you will no doubt be familiar with the name Bianca Miller, an award winning entrepreneur and BBC Apprentice Runner Up 2014. Her business plan to create a new hosiery brand to ‘redefine’ nude by catering to women of all complexions from shades English Rose to Sub-Saharan African may not have secured her a partnership with Lord Alan Sugar, but nonetheless has worked tirelessly this past year to bring Bianca Miller London to masses, resulting in her début launch here in the UK on Thursday 18th November 2015, which may I add I am truly excited about!

Gone are the days of wearing ashy unflattering, supposedly ‘nude’ glittery tights that does nothing to compliment ones skintone, Bianca Miller London is about to change the hosiery game completely with her all inclusive nude tights, thus truly captivating the beauty in diversity.

The initial offerings are tights and lace hold-ups with the collection extending to other complementary products on an evolving seasonal basis. The tights are available in eight nude tones in a gloss sheen with a retail price starting from only £12.00.

Image Courtesy of Bianca Miller London Blog

The colours have been carefully developed based on extensive research to adequately cover an array of skin tones. This means the density of the material in the unique 8 shades currently available would actually suite over 30 skin tones!

Officially a Member of Made in Britain, the British brand manufactured in the UK intends to build on the direct enquiries from viewers of BBC Business Show The Apprentice, where the brand proposition was viewed by over 120 million people worldwide and is available to purchase via the Bianca Miller London website and is also stocked via Selfridges.

Do keep your eyes pealed for my interview with the brainchild herself as well as fashion inspired articles featuring her nude hosiery right here on This Woman’s Word.

  • Helsie

    Pleased to see this launch. I thought it was an inspired idea and she should have been backed. I hope she does well and will be keeping a look out!

    • Dani

      Hi Helen, thanks for passing by and reading this post 🙂 I’m in agreement with you there. She definitely should have been backed but even though she did not win, she has worked hard to finally bring her awesome concept to the masses which can now be purchased. I for one cannot wait to own a pair and see if they really are true to tone x