Coming Up In NEW Fashion Favs Category

Having removed the Fashion category from my site during the first few months of establishing this blog back in October 2012, I have recently decided to reintroduce it again, only this time, it is here to stay! I’m going to be honest here, I’m not a self proclaimed fashionista, nor would I describe myself the typical fashion conscious type. That said, with each day that passes I can’t help but notice TWW is  naturally evolving into a lifestyle site covering a few different topics as opposed to being strictly health and fitness focused so I am biting the bullet as they say, embracing the change and simply rolling with it!

Don’t worry, this does not mean you will not be subjected to daily OOO (Outfit of The Day) articles and endless selfies haha . For me, this section will allow me to share with you selected pieces of high fashion and regular high street pieces of clothing, footwear and accessories that happens to catch my eye. Tis true, I’m a health and fitness enthusiast at heart, but this does not define me as a person. You will already be familiar with my preferences to healthy snacks, superfoods and the type of training and classes I partake in, now you will be able to gain an insight into fashion pieces that are of interest to me.

With my 2nd year blogiversarry approaching, I have decided that minor changes will be made to This Woman’s Word, and this my friends is one of them!

 I hope you enjoy the upcoming articles that will be published in the section as much as I putting them together 🙂

Photo Credit: Shutterstock