This Woman’s Word 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway Part 2: Win a MisFit Shine Activity Tracker [CLOSED]


With the ever growing number of fitness gadgets and accessories available to purchase in 2014, how could one possible choose which one is right for them and their specific training goals? I have been very fortunate to have road tested a few sought after gadgets making headlines this year over the last three or so months and should you be on the market for a simplistic yet ultra-stylish fitness tracker that logs your movement as well as your sleep, the lovely ladies over at MisFit UK have very generously given my beautiful readers the chance to WIN your very own MisFit Shine.

MisFit Shine Overview / Mini Review

For those not familiar with the MisFit Shine activity tracker, this small but impressive magnetic metal coin tracks movement such as:

  • steps taken
  • walking
  • running
  • cycling
  • swimming

It is  also waterproof up to 50 metres which I got to put to the test during Rat Race Adventures London River Rat Race completed with my Breakin’ Boundrez Team back in August 14. This 10 km obstacle course included a 10 ft jump into the Thames, a 50 ft water slide again into the Thames and other crazy water based challenges and obstacles. I definitely had my fair share of getting wet that day yet the shine held its own and was still working at the end of the course thus backing up the waterproof claims.



Aside from having the innovative options to wear the shine almost any wear on your body, the biggest and most important factor for me is that it is battery operated! Gone are the days of having to recharge your fitness tracker via a USB port or an actual lead, and for me this is where the Shine has the edge over its competitors as there is ZERO charging involved. That said the battery life will last users 6 months.


Another function I LOVE is the basic but insightful insight into your sleeping cycle (or lack of deep sleep as I alarmingly found out over the last few months) which makes for an interesting read, especially if you don’t have a good sleeping pattern like me.

The Shine is incredibly easy to operate, so much so that even ones Grandparents or those not tech savvy will be able to use it with ease. You simply set your daily points goal via the MisFit Shine app (available on both IOS and Android) and away you go. To monitor progress throughout the day all one needs to do is double tap on the device which will display led lights around the circle, should you get a full circle of flashing LED lights you have reached or some instances smashed your daily points goal which is very satisfying and keeps one motivated to keep up that good streak.

I must point out that through my time of using the MisFit Shine, the device is bias toward cardio based activities and movement and does not award the user as many points for resistance / weight training exercises and ab workouts which is my only gripe, especially when one has clearly worked up a serious sweat by choosing to workout without the use of cardio but as they say, you can’t have it all!


In order to sync the device, the user must ensure their booth tooth facility is on, open up the MisFit UK app and place the Shine directly onto your smartphone. I have an android smartphone which I have been told has experienced syncing issues in the past and found myself sometimes having to repeat the process a fair few times for it to sync successfully, another minor area I feel this can be improved on.

Overall I cannot knock the sheer elegance and stylish design of MisFit Shine. Whilst the Shine isn’t that kind of gadget that is loaded with fancy stats on heart rate, performance etc, it gets my seal of approval as it simply encourages the user to MOVE MORE, which makes it a perfect must have for fitness enthusiasts, mothers, our elders and health conscious individuals alike.

Now I have shared my thoughts on this device which I hope, has made you more knowledgeable on how the MisFit Shine can be used as a great training motivator to keep to your fitness goals, below are the details you will need to enter Part 2 of my 2nd Year Blogiversary Giveaway to WIN a MisFit Shine of your choice.

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This competition is open to UK residents only and will end on Tuesday 9th December 12 am (GMT), with the winner being selected by a random number generator to make selection as fair as possible and announced across my social media sites Twitter and Facebook at midday on Tuesday 9th December 14 midday.

Best of Luck Beautiful People and Thanks For You Continued Support over the last two years!

It really is appreciated 🙂

  • SueC

    Fantastic prize, just what I need to kick start my weight loss plan. Fingers crossed.