Introducing Jo Mitchell – Breakin’ Boundrez Team Member

This Woman’s Word is proud to introduce you to my friend first and foremost and fellow Breakin’ Boundrez team member second, Jo Mitchell.

Jo has come a LONG way since joining my team back in August 2011 along with six other kick-boxing mates at the time. Whilst she is a bad a** kick-boxer, I am sure she will agree that she once HATED having to run / jog anywhere (including the class warm-ups)  and generally disliked all things new that caused her to challenge herself physically and mentally.  In a nutshell, if Jo did not want to do something it wasn’t going to happen as there would be no room for discussion lol.

Jo eventually gave into my gentle persuasion and joined my team on a journey of haaard work, sweat, determination and laughter all in aid of raising awareness and vital funds for our chosen charity at the time, The African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust.

Fast forward a year and a half and Jo is a shadow of her former self. She has come full circle, undertaking many physical challenges with my team waaaay outside of her comfort zone!!!

During her time with Breakin’ Boundrez, her most memorable highlights include completing numerous 5k park runs *I never thought I’d see the day Jo would run a mile yet alone three due to her shear reluctance at times* , cycled 55 miles from London to Brighton and took part in a 100m relay race in front of 20,000 at the Olympic Stadium before the London 2012 Games.


Earlier on today, *despite having a fear of heights* she successfully completed and conquered the ‘Go Ape’ course with her son. I am immensely proud of this accomplishment *grins from ear to ear*

Jo is a prime example of my team’s ethos; she accepts NO limitations, she believes she can achieve the goals she set herself as well giving each challenge I set the members 110%. She has and continues to Break Boundaries, pushing herself further than the previous times *sooo sooo proud of her*.

This is what can be achieved when you give someone the tools to believe in their ability, together with providing a great support system that each of my team members brings to the table. We all inspire, motivate and push each other to greatness whilst enjoying the joyous  competitiveness and camaraderie along the way *we are truly a comical bunch!*

Jo quotes:

There is no ‘I’ in team, no room for ego’s… we are simply just a bunch of friends that help each other rediscover our physical abilities whilst overcoming potential boundaries that may stop us from achieving our goals.  We love taking on new challenges together and are thankful to our Team Captain Danni for putting this team together”.

2012 was a undeniably a great year for us. Though last years activities will be very haaard to beat, 2013 will see Jo and the rest of the team including myself being put to the ultimate test, both as a team and individually.

Watch this space for more profiles on each of the members that make up my fitness team Breakin’ Boundrez 🙂