Introducing Robin Arzon – An Ultra Marathon ‘BridgeRunner’ Running 130 Miles In Five Days For MS Run The US

Ladies and Gentleman,  This Woman’s Word is overly ecstatic to introduce Robin Arzon, a phenomenal young woman who constantly pushes her physical boundaries to new heights beyond imaginable to many individuals in the world of fitness. I first came across Robin via an RT from various Run Dem Crew members whilst scrolling through my timeline on the social media site Twitter approx 1.5 years ago. Needless to say I was instantly drawn in by her awesomeness and have been following her journey ever since!

Robin hails from New York City and is a member of the ever growing movement NYC BridgeRunners.   The crew meets on the Bowery every Wednesday 7pm (EST) where they take to the streets of NYC to run across, under and over bridges. To give you a little insight into the crew that Robin represents, founder Mike Saes describes the movement as the following:-

” We come from various walks of life, unified by our passion for the city and pushing our athletic, social, and creative boundaries….The key to our movement is awareness. Awareness of the moment in which we run. Awareness of one another as we challenge ourselves physically. And awareness of that which transpired before us in the places we explore. We are New York City Bridge Runner”

During her visit to London, England in the summer of last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Robin in person, where we both turned up to train at a Spartanfam Sunday event back when I was an active member.  She was extremely friendly, trained like a beast and had swagger for daaaays *her vibrant Yellow and Grey Nike leggings, matching Nike training jacket, multi coloured nails and her trade-mark sweatband she wore on her head sent a clear message that us women can indeed train in style without lacking in function*

Robin is a keen Ultra Marathon Runner and has very recently embarked on the journey to run 130 miles (that’s a total of five full marathons) in five consecutive days, in honour of her Mother who has Multiple Sclerosis and as part of the MS Run The US Campaign.

Following her epic success of conquering this gruelling challenge almost a week ago, I caught up with Robin to get an insight into her life as an Ultra Marathon Runner, to find out first-hand what motivates and drives her, and to mainly understand her reasons behind embarking on such an extreme challenge.

I began the interview by asking her the following question.

Before you became a fitness journalist and ultra marathon runner, you worked for a New York International Law Firm as a Securities Litigator, how and what inspired you to get into this field?

My father is an attorney and was a law professor. I watched him grade papers growing up and became enchanted with the law at a young age. As I grew older, my interest solidified into a healthy thirst for debate and curiosity about “Truth” and “Justice.”

What spurred you on to make the decision to turn your back on your law career in favour of becoming a fitness journalist?

Fitness had become my passion and I felt like I was leading a double life-lawyer by day and runner/yogi/spin instructor by night. Life is too short to sacrifice the pursuit of passion. I decided to make my passion my purpose.

I miss law some days and still apply business principles every day. It was an integral part of my journey and who knows-maybe my path will lead me back to one day?

You were running recreationally for years prior to deciding that you will run your 1st Marathon for MS Society back in 2010.  How did your love and passion for running first come about?

I picked up a flyer for a 10km during law school in Philadelphia. I had no idea how far the 10km distance was in miles. (This was pre-smart phone when I googled everything.)

I showed up for the race and it was painful. I decided that wasn’t going to happen again! I started running 2-3 miles in between classes. It was a solo mission for a treadmill runner. The seed was planted.

Talk us through how you came to be a part of the global running crew known as the NYC BridgeRunners?


BridgeRunners is my running home. That’s where my love affair with running really began. I heard about it from an acquaintance and showed up one day. Little did I know this motley crew of dynamic people would leave such an indelible impact!

Describe what running means to you?

Running is so much more than sweat, miles, finish lines, caloric expenditure. Running is a lifestyle and a tool to unlock potential. Running is life. Every high and every low of a run are analogous to battles in everyday life. I learned quickly in ultras that how you handle a race correlates to how you handle setbacks in life. It sounds a bit cliché, perhaps, but it’s my lived experience.

You are no stranger to long distance endurance events having previously completed a few 50 mile ultra marathons. What led to making the extraordinary decision to take on the ultimate challenge and run a total of five marathons over a five day consecutive period  as part of the MS Run the US campaign?

I tend to jump into things that scare me. The idea of running this much was terrifying and I had doubts that I could finish, but I feel so strongly about being a change agent to end MS that it didn’t matter how fearful I was. My Mom has MS. I signed up for her. Once the application was accepted, I was in. Once I commit to something, that’s it.

We are all intrigued to know how someone actually prepares both physically and mentally for such a gruelling challenge. Describe what your training regime entailed as preparation for this event?


I ran SOOO MANY MILES. I ran more than ever, peaking at 110 miles per week. The key for ultras is training on tired legs, which for most people means back-to-back long runs.

During a marathon training program, one likely has one long run per week. During my 50-miler training, I would take on a 10-15 mile run the day after a 20-miler.

But during THIS training program, I was running twice a day. 15 miles became a short run. I also ran a few 50kms with the BridgeRunners to prepare. It wasn’t uncommon for me to run 50 miles over a Saturday/Sunday. It worked though! I’m glad I did it.

What obstacles (if any) did you have to overcome during your five days running as part of MS Run the US campaign?

There were so many obstacles. MS Run the US was a mental battle. I wanted to stop so often. I prepared myself for physical discomfort and pain, but I didn’t predict the mental exhaustion. I had a mean blister so Ashley Kumlien, the founder of MS Run the US, suggested cutting off the front of my shoe to relieve the pressure. We popped the blister, covered it with duct tape, cut the shoe, and kept it moving. I came back to NYC a changed person. I’m still processing 130-mile journey!

What is your secret to staying mentally strong throughout the challenges you do?

I’m surrounded by strong people. My Mom leads by example. She handles MS with such strength and humour that it’s hard not to try to emulate that. I’ve had life experiences that allow for some perspective. Life really is short. I learned that at a young age after surviving a life or death situation. You can choose to be a victim or a victor. Courage is a muscle worth exercising. I don’t always succeed, but I never stop trying.

Other than running, what other sports to you take part in?

I love spinning, indoor cycling. A proper spin session with dope music is like a religious experience for me. And yoga is my Zen. One of my fondest memories is practicing yoga in Tulum, Mexico for 10 days. I could see myself in an Ashram one day.

Who are your fitness inspirations?

Flo Jo is everything. Always. Her swagger, her speed, her authenticity *sighs* Channeling one ounce of Flo Jo is swagger for a lifetime. And I love Kara Goucher. I had the chance to meet her and geeked out. She’s a sweet heart, yet so quietly bad ass. I love unassuming bad bishes.

In your opinion, what attributes does a person have to have to be considered a champion?
A champion stays hungry. I think grit and determination will keep you searching for that better version of yourself.

What future challenges do you have your eyes set on?

I’m in the process of designing a leggings line. That’s a huge professional challenge. In running, I have an eye for speed now after running those miles. I have my sights on Boston. Now that I said, I have to do it!

(interview concludes)

If you were left totally inspired by the interview and the truly amazing qualities Robin so effortlessly possesses, then you would definitely want watch the four minute video footage of Robin in action during her quest to conquer 13o miles over a five day period.

There is no denying that this young lady is a true ‘inspiration’, a ‘hero’ and a ‘role model’ to many young girls, women and men alike. Her sheer motivation, determination,  courage, grit and resilience to overcome a fear and constantly push her physical and mental boundaries is nothing short of amazing.

Throughout her journey, Robin has demonstrated on numerous occasions that if we can convince our mind to believe we can do it, have the desire and hunger to achieve, we WILL indeed be successful in achieving our fitness goals.

There is no time like the present Ladies and Gents, for YOU can achieve greatness too! Remember, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”.

I would like to conclude this article by saying if the ultra amazing Robin Arzon has left an impact on you in any way, please can you kindly tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend (you get my drift) to also read this article, and to click here and donate whatever you can afford (every pound / dollar counts) to help Robin achieve her fundraising target of $20,000 (£13,222) for MS Run The US, a cause very close to Robin’s heart.

She has so far raised $11,152.00 (£7370.36) just over half of her target. Let’s pull together and help this phenomenal woman not only reach her target, but completely smash it!

Check back next week where I will be shining the spotlight on another ‘inspirational’ individual that has made a positive impact within our society 🙂