The Remarkable Life of Helen Keller

The Story of Helen Keller is one of the most remarkable I have come across in my lifetime.

Helen was born a healthy child but at 19 months old contracted scarlet fever. This caused her to lose total sight and sound, she became a deaf-blind child.

I remember learning of Helen Keller at school aged around 11 and could not fathom how somebody who didn’t have the ability to see or hear could function in society. What baffled me even more was the fact that Helen had actually excelled by a healthy person’s standards.

She was the first deaf blind person to attain a Bachelor of Arts Degree, as well as being an activist and an author of 12 books.

Her early life was a life of near void, until she was introduced to Anne Sullivan who made it her life’s work to care for and educate Helen.

I would highly recommend the film ‘The Miracle Worker 1962’ in order to fully understand and appreciate how Helen and Anne overcame such adversity but one thing is for sure… if Helen could achieve such greatness in life, what is stopping any of us from doing the same.