Hair Cut and Colour Experience At HOB Salons Stanmore Branch

Moi Shortly After Other Half Shaved My Hair (March 15)

Since deciding to cut my long tresses in favour for what others call an extremely short hairstyle at the beginning of March this year, my daily hair routine has been heavenly! Not much needs to be done to it apart from wash, comb and go (literally) but in the lead up to my 1st ever public speaking presentation in the form of Women On The Crossroads Awesome You, I wanted to collaborate with a hair salon to ensure that my hair looked the part on the night. I initially had three places in mind, all of which were award-winning salons and after one of them confirmed they were fully booked up months in advance, I settled on collaborating with HOB Salons.

My complimentary hair appointment was arranged and booked in by the ever polite Rachel (Hob Salons in-house PR) and after giving her a few salon locations to choose from, I was booked into the HOB Salons Stanmore Branch, which turned out to be pretty convenient for me as I reside not to far away from the salons location. Prior to my appointment, I recall having to send a current head shot of myself via email and was told it would be passed onto my stylist so she knew in advance how my hair was currently styled and the style I wanted to achieve. Now in all the years of going to various hair salons, I have never experienced this type of service before and thought it was a nice touch prior to my actual appointment.

Day of Appointment

Image courtesy of HOB Salons

I arrived at the salon 5 minutes earlier than my scheduled appointment and was greeted by the ever delightful Ozzey, my stylist for the evening. She was intrigued by my choice of braving the chop short and talked me through her plans to graduate the hair on the crown of my head to give me more of a softer look.

Ozzey then handed me over to a junior stylist who washed and conditioned my hair prior to my hair cut which including a 10 minute head and scalp massage. I was in heaven by this point as not only was I getting a wonderful and relaxing head massage, my back was surprisingly getting some much needed TLC as the ever comfortable reclining leather seats at the wash basin station had massage settings built in them.

Hair Cut Experience

Hair feeling fresh and clean, I was handed back to Ozzey who then set to work on styling my hair. We laughed and giggled as I retold my story of my significant other coaxing me into a short hairstyle which resulted in him taking his clippers and creating the look you see in the images above.  She commended me for my bravery as she didn’t know any ladies that will let their other half cut (in my case shave) their hair.

Ozzey’s Hair Cut and Style prior to Colour Application

Ozzey used different types of clippers to shape the sides and back of my hair and used scissors to graduatethe hair on top and was ready for the road in less than 20 minutes. Hair shaped and styled, I was ready to leave, but Ozzey had other plans. She explained with an edgy short hairstyle like mine, it would look even more fabulous if I added a bit of colour to it and was then introduced to senior colour technician Donna.

Permanent Colour Experience

Donna appeared to be very knowledgeable on the subject of hair colour and using her experience of 20+ years within the hair industry; she flicked through the colour swatches in the book and used my skin-tone as the basis for recommending a few colours that will work with my hair style. Both Kelly and Ozzey were in agreement that a burgundy or chestnut brown hair colour would suit me best.

After much pondering between light and dark shades of brown, I finally decided to go for chocolate mahogany with a subtle hint of burgundy as I’ve never had this colour before. The overall colouring process took  no more than an hour from initial application to rinsing the hair dye off and applying toner.


The total cost of my complimentary cut and colour was just over £100.00 and remember thinking that cost was a little on the steep side if I was a paying customer. With my  hair being super short I wrongly assumed the price would be based on hair length (criteria most hair salons I have attended use) and estimated the cut and colour to be no more than £60 – £70.00 but, as with any hair salon, the more experienced the stylist and colour technician, the more that service will cost.

On my visit, I was attended to by the senior hair stylist and senior colour technician.

Overall Service

Post Hair Cut and Colour with Senior Hair Stylist Ozzey

The staff at HOB Salons Stanmore Branch was very friendly, tentative and instantly put my mind at ease being a first time customer. I absolutely adore my new hair colour and thank Donna for her vision and somehow fitting me into her ever busy schedule when my appointment was only initially booked for a wash, cut and style. I would also like to thank the lovely Ozzey for my cut and style as well as Rachel for organising my appointment and keeping me informed at all times during my communications with her

Throughout my time at Hob Salon – Stanmore, I was well looked after despite the salon being quite busy for a Wednesday evening appointment and would definitely recommend Hob Salons as a place to experience a cut and colour. The entire team are super friendly, the atmosphere is fairly relaxed and you will not be left abandoned for hours on end like some hair salons I have experienced over the years!

HOB Salons also gift their first time customers an incentive to visit again by 1 x 25%, 20% and 15% discount vouchers to use at their next appointments as well as a refer a friend scheme (£10.00 is credited to your account for every friend you recommend that books an appointment).

I for one will make use of my gift vouchers in the very near future please god by booking a few appointments for their intense hair and scalp treatments in the hope of the treatments eliminating my dry scalp issues I have at present.

Should you wish to find out more about HOB Salons, they can be found online by visting HOB Salons website, HOB Salons Facebook or by simply following them on Twitter.