Vivid Drinks – A Natural Energising Beverage Primarily Made With Matcha & Infused With Intriguing Flavours

My love of  drinking herbal tea has increasingly strengthened since mid September 2013 thanks to the autumn / winter months that are now unfortunately upon us, and whilst searching the net looking for new herbal flavours to try, I stumbled across an amazing find…. ‘Vivid Drinks’, a matcha beverage infused with intriguing natural flavours that has burst onto the health market, and has very recently won Gold at the Lunch Show 2013 exhibition held in London at the beginning of this month.

Apart from the fact that this drink is primarily made with matcha, which in summary are pure, high-grade green tea leaves that have been picked and ground into a fine powder, packed full of essential antioxidants whilst providing a natural caffeine boost (upcoming article on the benefits of Matcha) , the choice of logo and the cool colours used on their cartons is what instantly grabbed my attention *it has become apparent that I have a thing for packaging*

Vivid Drinks are available in three awesome flavours:

  • Grape and Elderflower
  • Lime, Ginger and Honey
  • Pear and Rhubarb

The team at Vivid Drinks were kind enough to send me samples of their new range to try and below are my thoughts.

Being the teetotal that I am I absolutely LOVE these drinks… so much so that I found it incredibly hard to choose a favourite flavour for they are equally good in taste!

Grape and Elderflower

This light, yet ever refreshing concoction of grape and elderflower is extremely pleasant to taste and the use of matcha per carton does not overpower the other flavours *something I was anticipating but sooo glad the balance was right*

Lime, Ginger and Honey

Being a ginger fan I knew I would like this flavour and upon consuming it did not disappoint! The use of lime as opposed to pairing this concoction with the classic lemon usually used made for an interesting zingy taste whilst the suppleness of honey worked a treat. Again, the presence of matcha is noticeable but not overwhelming *thumbs up*

Pear and Rhubarb

This lovely combination reminds me of iced tea more so than than the other two flavours due to vivid adding rooibos for extra antioxidants per carton. If you’re a rooibos fan, you would definitely like this flavour.

I found vivid is enjoyed best chilled in the fridge but couldn’t resist putting the grape and elderflower flavour in the freezer for approx 1.5 hours and enjoyed it as a slush *sorry guys, I did intend to take a picture for this article but the slush was sooo nice it was literately gone in 60 seconds covers face*

If you are a herbal, iced tea and / or matcha lover like myself, you would definitely appreciate adding a little bit of vivid into your lives too! Whilst they are new on the market, they have gained increased popularity and can now be found on the UK shelves of  Whole-foods Market, Planet Organic and As Nature Intended Branches.

It is fair to say having tried all three flavours, Vivid are right up there with my other choices of natural beverages to consume and will no doubt be making a regular appearance in my fridge.

To find out more about this new, energising drink with a natural ‘pick me up’, Vivid Drinks can be found online by visiting their official Vivid Drinks website , Vivid Drinks Twitter and via their Instagram page

  • Eimear McManus

    Love this review. Vivid is an awesome drink!

    • Dani

      Hi Eimear, thank you, I’m glad you like my review on Vivid Drinks 🙂 I’m sooo happy I stumbled across their products whilst searching for new herbal teas to drink. It’s only a matter of time before others discover this awesome beverage. Enjoy the rest of your day!