Superfood Sunday: Naturya UK – A Closer Look At The Health Benefits of Chlorella and Hemp Protein Powder

After going on hiatus for a few months, I am pleased to inform you wonderful people that my weekly #superfoodsundays series is back, and this time with a BANG! Kicking off edition five and working in collaboration with Naturya UK, I thought I would share with you the health benefits of adding the increasingly popular superfoods Chlorella and Hemp Protein Powder to your daily diet should you not already be in the know.

What Is Chlorella?


Chlorella is a genus of single cell green algae which are cultivated sustainably in fresh water pools on secluded islands in the south of China. It is spherical in shape, about 2 to 10 micrometre in diameter. Over the past few decades, Chlorella has been researched extensively by many reputable organisations including that of NASA as a true whole food powerhouse because of its impressive yet comprehensive nutritional profile and non-animal source of vitamin B12.

One can see why Chorella is vastly becoming popular by the day due to its high in protein and other essential nutrients, making it suitable to consume for those who are vegetarian, vegan or follow a plant-based diet. When dried, Chlorella is said to yield approximately 45% protein, 20% fat 20% carbohydrates, 5% fibre, and 10% minerals and vitamins.

Health Benefits Associated With Chlorella

  • High in Vitamin B12: A single 10 g serving of Chlorella naturally contains 8800% RDA
  • Fantastic Source of Iron: Iron plays a crucial part in supporting our immune system
  • Great source of Vitamin E: Protects our cells from oxidative stress and our DNA from oxidative damage.

Should you want to find out more on the health benefits including proven case studies on Chlorella, I have sourced an informative article that you read at your leisure by clicking HERE.

Different Ways Chlorella Can Be Enjoyed

There are numerous ways Chlorella can be incorporated into everyday recipes to maximise your micro-nutrient intake. I have found that Chlorella best works when added into smoothies and protein shakes, used to create yummilious raw, no bake protein energy balls, lip smackingly good mini chocolate cakes or for the hard core people out there, simply mixed with water and drank on its own (this is a step too far for me).

I will be attempting to make a homemade, gluten free Chorella Tagiatelle recipe of the next week and once perfected, this shall be published under the recipes section of this site.

My Thoughts on Chlorella

Chlorella reminds me very much of Spirulina in terms of colour, smell and nutritional profile would say it is  10 x’s more pungent in terms of taste and therefore, despite my best efforts, cannot drink this on its own mixed with plain water!


That said I have become accustom to having a teaspoon of Chlorella mixed with Hemp Protein Powder and water to accompany my breakfast in the mornings and enjoy it this way. I’m sure over time my pallet will become used to this very pungent taste but until then I’ll continue to incorporate this superfood into my smoothie concoctions, protein shakes and no bake energy balls.

Now you are somewhat knowledgeable on what Chlorella is and its possible benefits, I shall now take a closer look into the health benefits of Hemp Protein Powder.

What is Hemp Protein Powder? 

Neek Alert: Hemp, is probably one of the most versatile plants currently available to us on planet earth! Whilst it is most beneficial to use as a foodstuff, hemp can also be made into make clothes and building materials.

Concentrating on its uses as a superfood, hemp protein is actually made from the hemp seed itself and is becoming increasingly known as a high-fibre protein supplement that is used to enhance total protein intake for vegans and non vegans alike.

Hemp protein powder has a similar profile to egg, and contains all of the Essential Amino Acids. This makes Hemp Protein the most complete source of protein in the plant kingdom.

This source of protein is also said to be extremely popular amongst athletes, mainly for its high rate of digestibility. What you probably do not know is the better the protein is digested, the more efficiently it can be absorbed by the body. compared to that of whey which has been known to cause boating in some people.

Health Benefits Associated With Hemp Protein Powder

  • Allergen Free: At present, there are no known allergies that have been recorded hemp protein powder.
  • Great source of Protein: Naturya’s Hemp Protein Powder contains 49 g of protein per 100 g.
  • Good source of Edestin: Edestin is a globular protein which resembles those found in our own body. This makes it easier for our bodies to absorb the full range of nutrients on offer.
  • Dairy and Soy Free: As Hemp Protein are dairy and soy free, they will not cause Intestinal Toxaemia or bloating, common symptoms found when consuming whey and soy.

Different Ways Hemp Protein Powder Can Be Enjoyed

Like Chlorella, Hemp Protein Powder can be mixed into your favourite smoothie and works a treat in baking, raw or no bake recipes. Due to its subtle nutty taste hemp makes a fabulous ice-cream alternative when paired with cacao and lucuma powder and hits the spot when making smoothie bowl creations.

My Thoughts on Hemp Protein Powder

It is true, I am not a vegan, nor do I lead a plant-based lifestyle at present as I still consume fish and poultry from time to time, but one thing I do know for certain is how positively my body reacts when consuming vegan friendly products such as hemp protein powder. Despite the majority of my fellow health and fitness bloggers dislike for Hemp Protein, I on the other hand really like the nutty taste and texture and Naturya’s 100% Hemp Protein is by far the nicest unflavoured brand I have had the pleasure of tasting thus far!

I usually have hemp protein pre or post workout and I am pleased to say the claims around this complete protein being easily digestible couldn’t be any truer for me. I have never experienced bloating and discomfort like I have done when previously drinking whey protein shakes. Hemp is my preferred source of protein powder together with Brown Rice & Pea when training.


This is my Queen of Green Pre Workout Superfood Smoothie Bowl I created last week using both Naturya’s Chlorella and Hemp Protein Powder, and if you fancy having a go at recreating this yourself, the recipe can be found by clicking HERE.

Upcoming Naturya Giveaway!

In the lead up to my upcoming 2nd Blogiversary in October 14 please god, the kind folks at Naturya HQ would like to give my readers and followers a chance to win themselves a Chlorella Superfood pouch. I have three pouches to giveaway and full details on how you can enter will be posted a little later in the day so do keep your eyes peeled!

I hope you have enjoyed reading edition 5 of #superfoodsundays This coming Sunday (28th September) you can look forward to being enlightened about the glorious Matcha tea, including the amazing health benefits and the different types of matcha grades available for your current lifestyle. If you’re a tea fiend like I, this is one article not to be missed!

Until then, have a great week ahead Beautiful People!

Peace, love and light 🙂

Disclaimer: The above information shared within this article is based on research and case studies and should be used for information purposes only . You should consult with your doctor in the first instance regarding health benefits and implementing new supplements into your diet. This is not a sponsored post and no money has been exchanged. The products were sent free of charge for the sole purpose of a review. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.