Super Fruit Sunday – Working In Partnership With Toucan Fruit Ltd

To accompany my Superfood Sunday articles, I am extremely proud AND excited to be adding the addition of ‘Super Fruit Sundays’ whilst working in partnership with Toucan Fruit Ltd. The first article from this weekly series will make its debt this Sunday (27th April 14) and will be taking a closer look into exotic fruits from around the world, including their proven health benefits and how each fruit can be incorporated into ones daily diet.

If you like me are extremely fascinated by the impact making minor adjustments to our daily diet and lifestyle has on our overall health, wellness, mental clarity and spiritual awareness, then you too will more than likely find the articles to follow both insightful and enjoyable.


I first discovered the gem of a discovered that was Toucan Fruit back in late March 14 whilst attending the Be:Fit London Festival, and after purchasing some exotics when stumbling upon Soroya’s beautiful brightly coloured fruit stall and following her brand on social networking site Twitter, she emailed me regarding a possibility of working together to showcase her superfruit exotics.

Now there is nothing I love more than working together with brands I am genuinely passionate about and the more people we can collectively reach to help spread the word on the health benefits of her super fruit exotics you and I may not have come across before the better!

Be sure to check back this coming Sunday where I will sharing knowledge on my first Columbian Super Fruit.

Exciting times ahead guys and girls, until then have a fruitful day 🙂