Cherry Active Review – An Antioxidant Powerhouse Containing 100% Pure Cherry Concentrate Juice

As you may already know, I am always on the hunt to source food and drink items that contain nothing else apart from ‘natural ingredients’ to incorporate into my daily diet so was pleased to learn that Cherryactive sent me some of their products to try.

Over the past two weeks, I have been taking Cherryactive concentrate and Cherryactive capsules as part of my own demanding Martial Arts regime to see if their products really does provide ‘rapid’  recovery time whilst increasing sports performance.

My Verdict on Cherryactive

It is fair to say that I would need much longer than a two week duration to truly determine weather or not Cherryactive has aided my sports performance but based on my two week supply I can genuinely confirm the following:-

As mentioned in my earlier post, one of the claims that stood out for me when researching Cherryactive was the use of 100% Montmorency cherries within their pure concentrate cherry juice and capsules. These cherries contain a natural source of Metalon, a compound documented to help support the bodies natural sleep cycles.

Being the ever sceptical individual I am, I honestly thought by taking two Cherryactive capsules an hour before I went to bed would not have any impact on my terrible sleeping patterns, which often includes broken sleep, constant fidgeting and restlessness *much to the frustration of my poor boyfriend lol*

After Day 3 of taking the capsules till present, I started to sleep much more peacefully and now hardly wake up during the night (I can’t remember the last time this happened). Usually if I go to sleep before 12am, I would naturally wake up between 2.30am-3am and stay up until an hour before my alarm is due to go off *not cool*

In the two weeks I have taken these capsules my sleep cycle has definitely improved for the better. Essential rest *something I am not used to* means I am more alert during the day and ready to take on an intense Kick-boxing session without feeling lethargic and sluggish due to lack of sleep!


In relation to taking the taking the Cherryactive concentrate juice over a two week period, I have noticed the DOMs I usually experience after a demanding training session had somewhat decreased, allowing me to squeeze in that extra training session as opposed to taking a day out to fully recover to rest my tired muscles.

As mentioned previously, I personally feel that I would need to be consuming the concentrated cherry juice over a much longer duration *at least six weeks-eight weeks* to fully determine weather or not I felt it increased my sports performance. Having said that, something has got to be working for my muscles not feel as sore as it usually would be post training.


In relation to the taste of the Cherryactive concentrate juice, I was expecting it to taste somewhat sweet as opposed to a little tart, but having researched ‘Montmorency cherries’ further, they are naturally a little sour. The ever so slight tartness of the cherry juice does not take away from the refreshing feeling and after taste you experience upon consuming a 3oml shot mixed with 8oz of water.

Overall, I would recommend this product to any sports / fitness enthusiast, those wishing to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle as well as those who battle with their sleeping cycle.

Whilst the trial has ended, I look forward to adopting the concentrated juice as an essential part of my training regime. I feel waaay more comfortable taking Cherryactive capsules as a ‘100% natural way’ to help my sleeping cycle as opposed to taking something in the form of sleeping pills that contain all sorts of crazy ingredients! *a BIG No No for me*

For those that may have missed my previous post, below is a bit of background about Cherryactive for your information.

Cherryactive Background

Their products are made from antioxidant-rich Montmorency cherries, packed full of powerful, natural compounds that help muscles recover after tough workouts and mop up damaging free radicals. It is also known to help maintain healthy sleep patterns.

Cherryactive are a UK based company that sell 100% pure concentrated cherry juice  and capsules, with no other added ingredients, artificial flavours or additives (a big thumbs up from me).

Here’s the good news… according to a recent test held at Brunswick labs USA, a typical 30ml shot of Cherryactive concentrate contains more antioxidants than 23, yes 23 portions of fruit and vegetables!

The product is marketed at pro and amateur athletes as well fitness enthusiasts like myself who are serious about getting the most out of our training programmes. It is also aimed at those embarking on leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

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To learn more about Cherryactive’s full product range (which now includes Blueberryactive and Beetactive) as well as the health benefits surrounding Montmorency cherries., you can find Cherryactive online by visiting the Cherryactive website , Cherryactive facebook page or by following them on Twitter