Munchy Seeds – A Healthy Snack Alternative To Sugary Foods

Believe it or not, adding good sources of ‘fats’ to our daily diet is key to giving our body all the essential nutrients it needs to function on a daily basis. Now when I say fats, I am not saying it is OK to binge on takeaways (traces of trans fats can be found in such foods and are generally high in saturated fats aka ‘bad fat’).

By ‘fats’ I am referring to eggs (yolk included), oily fish such as mackerel, salmon, coconut oil as well as nuts and seeds. All of the foods I have just listed are high in Mono-unsaturates and Polyunsaturates, making these good sources of fats to consume. I like to vary my fat intake on a weekly basis and was pleasantly surprised when I came across British Brand Munchy Seeds.

Munchy Seeds are part of a family tradition that originally began in New Zealand when Lucinda’s grandmother created these healthy snacks as a way of keeping her grandchildren out of the sweetie jar. Fast-forward a few decades, Lucinda and her husband Crispin can be found at their HQ in Suffolk, England, continuing the family tradition of carefully blending and gently roasting seeds to produce highly delicious yet nutritious nibbles of joy.

If you love all things nuts and seeds like I do, Munchy Seeds will be right up your street! Their product range consists of a variety of different flavours which are bound satisfy your taste-buds and are sold in 200g or 475g tubs. Some products even offer 25g sachets, perfect for munching on the go!

Crispin kindly sent me a few samples of their sachets to try and below are my thoughts on each flavour.

Chilli Bites


Despite being part Caribbean decent, I have never been one for spicy foods until the back end of last year and must admit I have been missing out! That said, this mixture of apricot kernels, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds were infused with just enough crushed chilli’s to give you that ‘ little kick’ without your entire mouth being on fire .

Such as this mixtures versatility they will make a great addition to salads, stir fries and curries (I feel a new recipe coming on). I enjoyed this sachet on its own and really liked the variety of nuts and seeds used.

Choccy Apricot


Unlike the other sachets available on certain products, Choccy Apricot comes in a generous serving of 50g (this made my sweet tooth very happy). The sunflower and pumpkin seeds are coated with a combination of  Belgian and Dark chocolate whilst chewy yet juicy dried apricots are also added to the mix to make a guilt free, heavenly munching experience.

This packet (for obvious reasons) is my personal favourite of the range sent to me.

Omega Sprinkles


Omega Sprinkles…. where to begin on the health benefits?  This sachet is the most savoury tasting of the flavours sent BUT packs a punch above the rest of the range nutrition wise! Made with sunflower, pumpkin, linseed , rape, hulled hemp, seasame & flax seeds, this 25g serving is High in Omega 3, Vitamin E, Iron, Zinc, Fibre & Protein. It is low on the GI and is Coeliac, Vegetarian and Vegan friendly. I decided enjoy this packet half on its own and used the other half in a Chicken a Mushroom Stirfry which added flavour.

Honey Seeds


This ever delightful mixture of crispy, honey coated sunflower and pumpkin seeds works absolute wonders when paired with greek yoghurt and fruit (yummm), sprinkled over a bowel full of hot porridge or enjoyed as the perfect garnish to the occasional ice-cream treat to give it that extra crunch.

Pumpkin Power


Pumpkin Power made for an excellent pre training / kickboxing snack given its high protein, vitamins and minerals content. The mix contains roasted sunflower, pumpkin and seasame seeds whilst also providing a good source of antioxidants and is Coeliac, Vegetarian and Vegan friendly.

Having tried the five flavours sent I can honestly say I am sold! I am impressed by the fact that most of their range is available in 25g servings. I feel they have made their sachets with the sports person / fitness enthusiast in mind, making it a brilliant post training snack to conveniently consume (very important for that 20 min window of opportunity to consume protein and carbs after training).

If you are intrigued by Munchy Seeds after reading this article and want to know which retailers you can purchase them from, they can be found online by visiting the Munchy Seeds Website, Munchy Seeds Facebook and by following them on Twitter.

Would you consider adding Munchy Seeds to your eating regime?