Jax Coco Review – Hydrate Naturally With 100% Pure Coconut Water

As part of an event I attended a few weeks back, I received a bottle of Jax Coco Pure Coconut Water. This was my first time tasting Jax Coco and was very impressed by the taste and packaging that I had to share my thoughts with you in the form of a short review.

Jax Coco Pure Coconut Water

There’s no denying I’m a sucker for good packaging, and this Jax Coco Coconut water came in a frosted bottle which always makes something look elegant and classy.


The water was one of the better Coconut waters I have tasted, light and very refreshing but not too bitter, which I have found other brands I have previously tasted to be!

A 250ml bottle of Jax Coco retails around £2.20 in most health shops. The price might seem a bit steep to some, I myself very briefly questioned if the price was justifiable but on the plus side, you will find yourself using the georgous frosted glass bottle again and again as I have.

For those who are avid Coconut Water fans, I would recommend looking beyond the somewhat higher price tag in comparision to other coconut water brands on the market and give this brand a try.

Even if it is just the once, for you never know it could end up stealing your heart and become your favourite brand of coconut water to drink.

Should you be intrigued to find out more, Jax Coco Pure Coconut Water can be found online by visiting their Jax Coco UK website, Jax Coco Facebook or by simply following them on Twitter.

What are your thoughts on Jax Coco Coconut Water?