Imbibery London Review – Cold Pressed Intoxicating Detox Juices

I had the opportunity a while back to try out these cold pressed detox juices from Imbibery having seen many people on my Twitter and Instagram raving about them. I was offered the 1-day cleanse, as I had never done a detox like this before and was advised it was best not to put my digestive system through too much on consecutive days.

There were 6 different juices and 2 Lemon shots (one with cayenne pepper).

The Juices were (left to right in the picture)

Green – Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Apple and Lemon

Exotic – Pineapple and Ginger

Roots – Beet, Carrot, Apple, Lemon and Ginger

Spicy Limeade – Lime, Lemon, h20, Cayenne Pepper, Agave

Cholro – Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Ginger

Cashew Milk – Cashew, h20, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Himalayan Sea Salt, Agave

I thought the best way to do this would be to start at 7am and space the juices out evenly throughout the day.

So from 7am at 3 hour intervals until the last juice at 10pm.

The Green juice was pretty much what I expected having gone to a juice bar before and trying the green variety of smoothie, the hint of Apple and Lemon did add a slight touch of distinctiveness to it though I must admit, I sipped this as I didn’t want to get too hungry and the strategy seemed to pay off.

The Exotic juice did surprise however, I love both Pineapple and Ginger but couldn’t have expected what a great combination they made together. It didn’t taste like a detox juice at all, something I would pick up from the store on a normal day.

Roots was my least favourite only because I am not a huge fan of Beetroot, saying that it didn’t overpower the other ingredients despite the juice being an overall redish colour.

Spicy Limeade tasted like a less strong lemonade with a hint of spice, from the Cayenne Pepper I guess, was a nice follow up from the Roots and about that time I was ready to use the toilet for the 1st time so I knew the juices had begun to work.

Around 7pm I had the Chloro which was pretty similar in taste to the Green at the start of the day, but more calming with the Ginger replacing the Apple and Lemon.

The Cashew Milk, now that was a treat.

I had never come across Himalayan Sea Salt before and was slightly perplexed as to how salt would work in a juice, I shouldn’t of been, as it was almost like a milkshake in consistency and taste, was wonderful.

Again like the Exotic, another combination I would be eager try on a normal day.

I had to use the toilet again soon after which indicated to me once again the juices were doing their job, maybe an err of caution however would be to only go on a course like this if you are at home during the day, being caught short in the street would not be a good experience!

Imbibery has a different approach to juice cleanses to other brands I have come across. What I liked in particular was the encouragement to still eat food throughout the duration of your cleanse. That said one has to follow close to a vegan diet as possible (so, cut out all meat, dairy, eggs, and fish) and stay away from all refined sugar!!

The Imbibery team advises the closer to raw you can manage the better. Ideally, for breakfast one-type of fruit, for lunch a salad with plenty of greens and raw veggies, and for dinner some vegetable soup and avocado.

I completed my 1 day cleanse without having the urge to eat anything but was nice to know this option was available.

Imbibery offers three different cleanse packages with the option to customise and are priced at £85.00 per day.

My very first detox cleanse was an interesting and enjoyable one, and now I know these juices are not a fad and does indeed ‘flush out the toxins’ I will start to incorporate a three day detox cleanse with every change of season, just to give my body a bit of a reboot.

For more information on Imbibery Cold Pressed Intoxicating Detox Juices, including full price list, Imbibery can be found online by visiting the Imbibery London website, Imbibery London Facebook or by simply following them on Twitter.

Have you completed a juice detox before? If so what was your experience like?