Egg Shells As A Calcium Supplement

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body, 99% of which is contained in our skeletal bones and teeth, but it also plays a part in muscle contraction, cell formation and nerve health so it is important we have adequate amounts of this essential nutrient within our diet.

The most Calcium rich foods are green leaf vegetables like Spinach,  dairy products, Almonds and canned fish such as Sardines.

If your daily diet is not high in these type of foods you may not be getting enough Calcium.

Many of you may be unaware of this but egg shell is the best Calcium supplement around.


1st I will tell you how to process it to get it to look like the photo above then I will tell you of it’s benefits.

What you will need:

  • Eggs
  • Cheap Coffee Grinder
  • Jar

Any broken egg shells should be washed in hot water immediately and placed on some kitchen towel to dry for a few hours.

Once fully dried get hold of your coffee grinder and break your egg shells into smaller pieces whilst putting them in the grinder, cover and grind.

Your egg shells should now have the consistency of powder, empty the contents into your jar and you can store in the cupboard till you need to use it.


We need around 1000mg of Calcium in our diet daily, this is hard to get from food alone and stay within acceptable ranges for other nutrients such as Saturated Fat, Cholesterol etc… so a supplement which is dense in only the required nutrient is a God send.

1 tablespoon of the Calcium powder we just prepared gives us 800-1000mg of Calcium, our daily requirement, I usually put half a tbsp on my tongue and wash it down with water to add to the rest of the Calcium I get in my diet.

Best of all egg shells are a by product of the eggs we buy daily so this supplement is totally free.