Cherryactive Blueberryactive Review plus GIVEAWAY! [CLOSED]

Earlier this year, British Brand Cherryactive introduced new products to their ever popular CherryActive concentrated and capsule line which includes BlueberryActive, BeetActive and Dried Montmorency Cherries. Having previously reviewed the CherryActive capsules and their concentrated shots,  the team kindly sent me a few bottles of their Blueberryactive concentrate and Dried Montmorency Cherries to try. Before I discuss my thoughts on the BlueberryActive concentrate (Montmorency Cherries post to follow) , I thought I would share with you some information on this small but mighty superfood as well as it’s known benefits…

Blueberries are enjoyed throughout the year on many of the world’s continent’s and amongst us health conscious and active individuals, blueberries are listed as a well known superfood for many reasons.

Known Health Benefits of Blueberries


  • Whole Body Antioxidant support: Current evidence and findings by HNRCA suggests that protection of the nervous system from oxidative stress can be achieved by regular consumption of blueberries.
  • Brain Health: Research and studies by HNRCA have found that the vitamins and minerals in Blueberries (Athocyanin, vitamins A, B-complex, C and E, zinc,  selenium, amongst many others) can turn out to be beneficial not only for improvement of memory, but for slowing down or postponing the onset of other cognitive problems frequently associated with aging.
  • Eye Health: Foods unique in phytonutrient antioxidants such as Blueberries are often known for their ability to help protect the retina from oxygen damage and could prevent or delay all age related eye problems such as Cataract, Myopia dryness and infections.
  • Rich In Nutrients: Blueberries contain such essential nutrients as Vitamins C and E, dietary fibre and manganese, yet are very low in calories.

My Thoughts on Blueberryactive

I was pretty impressed to learn that the standard 210ml bottle (7 days supply) of 100% concentrated blueberry juice contains over 1,250 blueberries! I know I couldn’t eat that much blueberries in a week even if I tried so this really does sum up how mighty one 30ml serving mixed into a beverage of your choice actually is.

Just like cherryactive juice, blueberryactive is very versatile to use and is a joy to drink with just sparkling or plain spring water. It is also is a great addition simply mixed into smoothies. I experimented with a few smoothie ideas and made an awesome post workout creation the other night when pairing the concentrated juice with Chobani plain yoghurt, frozen mixed berries, the contents of two Organic Burst Acai Berry capsules and a dash of 100% Aloe juice to make a well deserved, refreshing, high protein and antioxidant rich smoothie.

Unfortunately the picture was not blog worthy (a bit blurry by my standards and pride will not let me post it lol) so will make a note to retake the smoothie picture and list the ingredients used together with the calorie / nutritional breakdown under the Recipes section of this blog before the week is out.

As for taste, I found blueberryactive to be sweeter in comparison to the slight tartness the cherryactive concentrated juice has. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed drinking both, I think the blueberryactive line is the answer for the little people in your life to also take advantage of the nutritional content blueberryactive has to offer.

A 30ml (2tbsp) serving of BlueberryActive Concentrate with 240ml (regular glass) water will make approx 2 litres of purple goodness for you to and your family to enjoy and also counts towards 1 of your ‘five a day’ *how cool is that?*

I love to share my experiences where possible so my friends at Cherryactive HQ have agreed to give one lucky reader the chance to win a BlueberryActive Hamper *just in time for Christmas*. All you have to do is simply leave a comment in the comments box below leaving your full name and contact email address and summarise, in no more than four sentences what health and fitness means to you.

The competition is open until Friday 13th December 2013 (12pm) and the winner with the best answer will be announced at 3pm (GMT time) across my social media sites Twitter and Facebook. CherryActive will contact the winner to arrange delivery of the hamper. I look forward to reading your answers… Good Luck 🙂

As there could only be one winner of the BlueberryActive hamper, and with Christmas being the time for giving, the team have very generously agreed to give readers and followers of This Woman’s Word a 10% discount across their entire product range up until midnight 31st December 2013.

To take advantage of this offer, simply enter the code TWWBL10 upon checking out on the CherryActive Website.

Have you tried any of the Cherryactive products yet? I’d love to know your thoughts and if it helped you in any way.

Disclaimer: The information used in this article about the health benefits of blueberries are for informational purposes only.

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    Learning to love myself inside and out .
    Feeling strong, confident and looking great.
    Trying to live my life as long as possible through a healthy lifestyle.
    Being able to encourage friends and family to live a more healthy lifestyle for optimum health.

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    Health & fitness teaches me patience, love, passion, understanding….life 🙂

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  • What Health and Fitness means to me:

    Living a managable life with the balance of exercise, sleep, health, clean food, happiness, friends and family 🙂