Bulgur Wheat An Alternative To Rice

I stumbled across Bulgur Wheat whilst on my weekly shop at my local supermarket a month or so ago. I decided to try it out after hearing good recommendations from my fitness family. Unlike other healthy alternatives currently on the market, Bulgur Wheat is incredibly affordable (£0.97 for 500 grams in Asda).

It is a main staple heavily used in Middle Eastern Cuisine and is the main ingredient of the traditional Lebanese Dish Tabbouleh Salad. It is also popular in North African and Eastern European cookery.

Bulgur Wheat (often confused with Cracked Wheat) is naturally low in fat, high in fibre  as well as being rich in protein and minerals, thus making it a perfect dietary choice.

It is rich in nutrients and vitamins than refined, processed wheat, which has been stripped of many beneficial ingredients and contains twice the amount of fibre than a typical serving of brown rice or couscous.

Bulgur Wheat is often added to soups, rissoles, stuffed vegetables, and salads. It also complements grilled chicken or lamb dishes but as you can see from the picture used for this post (cooked and made by yours truly), I opted to serve mine with Spicy Mediterranean Tuna alongside a generous helping of brilliant green Broccoli Florets.