Non Bake Raw Vegan Strawberry Cashew And Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Recipe

An opportunity presented itself a few weeks ago when Charleh who makes awesome alternative recipes over at Designed2Eat emailed me regarding possible recipe collaborations. After checking out her site and impressed by her creations, collectively, we have come up with some health conscious recipe ideas we think you lovely lot would love to recreate yourself, including this wonderful Non Bake Raw Vegan Strawberry And Vanilla Bean Cheesecake, perfect as an indulgent clean dessert alternative!

Being someone who naturally craves sweet things, I am always looking at ways I can still get my fix without resulting to purchasing store brought desserts and snacks that are usually riddled with refined sugar and butter (another ingredient I avoid like the plague).

This recipe couldn’t be anymore simpler, all you need is a food processor and you’re literally good to go!

I should also point out that this recipe is NOT made with any added sugar, only natural occurring sugars from the fruits and chosen syrup used and does contain nuts should you be intolerant to them.

Below are the items you will need to recreate this recipe.

Serves approx 8



75 g Macadamia Nuts

37.5 g almonds

45 g pitted dates

10 g shredded coconut


100 g Raw Cashews (soaked for 2-4 hoursin water and then drained)

100 g Raw Macadamia (soaked for 2-4 hours and then drained)

90 ml Pure Lemon Juice

100 ml Maple Syrup (I used Waldan Farm low calorie Maple Syrup)

90 g Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (I used Lucy Bee Coconut Oil)

1/2 Vanilla Bean, Split and Scraped


200 g Fresh Strawberries + three extra cut in halves for decoration

40 g Pitted Dates (I used Waitrose brand)


Place all ingredients for the crust except for the dates in a food processor until you get the texture of crumbs.

Add dates and pulse until well combined.

Press into the base of a spring form tin or an individual container of your choice and pop into the freezer while you prepare the other components of the cheesecake

In a blender, blend all the ingredients for the filling at high speed until smooth.

Pour onto the base layer and return to the freezer until set enough to pour strawberry mixture on top.

Next, blend the strawberries and dates on high speed until smooth. Pour on top of the cheesecake layer and return to the freezer for 4 hours or overnight.

To serve, sit at room temp for 10-15 minutes and decorate with sliced strawberries.

Nutritional Breakdown

Total Cals: 375

Protein: 7 g

Carbs: 13 g

Fat: 31 g


It is safe to say these are an absolute treat and proof that you can still have your cake and eat it using alternative ingredients IF you know how!

This is where the lovely Charleh and I come into play, as we have teamed up to collectively bring you recipes both sweet and savory to satisfy your taste buds whilst still living a health conscious lifestyle.

I am thrilled to be getting creative with likeminded individuals such as Charleh and absolutely LOVE her brand’s mission statement.

“Only eating what we are designed to eat : Changing the UK food market to create different recipes for a healthy lifestyle”

Make sure you head on over to Designed2Eat and follow her Twitter handle @Designed2Eat where you can explore an array of fabulous homemade creations to suit every occasion, taste and particular food types you may want to avoid.

Check back next Tuesday for a savory, breakfast alternative creation by us.

Happy Blitzing All 🙂