Low Calorie Zero Sugar New York Cheesecake

Here is the finished zero added sugar low fat Cheesecake I mentioned in a previous article.

You get 6 slices from the whole cake and each slice is only 161 calories.

Shop cheesecake slices usually range from 270-370 cals so the saving is quite a bit.


2 Tubs of Asda Lighter (70% less fat) plain soft cheese – 196 Cals a tub – Total 392 Cals

1 Tablespoon of Asda Vanilla Extract – 15 Cals

100g Erythritol (Sugar substitute) – 0 Cals

1 Large Free Range egg – 103 Cals

8 Hovis Digestive biscuits for the base – 456 Cals

Total = 966 Calories

I could have used another egg but I was wary of the total calories, but using 2 eggs instead of 1 would of only raised the cals per slice by 18 so I think I will do that next time, possibly substituting 2 Digestives from the base to keep each slice around the 160 cals mark.

This will also give the cheese section of the cake more body looking more like the shop versions.

The cake tin I used was a spring form tin which you can get from Asda and it was 20cm in diameter, any larger and the cake will be quite flat, which you don’t want.


Crumble the digestives and put them in the cake tin, mix your other ingredients together in a bowl until well blended, I used a spoon for this.

Pour the contents of the bowl on top of the digestive base and put in the oven at 170 for 40 mins.

After baking put the cake in the fridge for about 3 hours, I found the cake tasted a lot better the next day however, having had more time to cool and set overnight.

It really is a gorgeous cheesecake.