A Concoction of Goodness – Sunwarrior Chocolate Protein Cherryactive and Coconut Water

After today’s weight training session I was in need of a nutritious post training beverage to aid with my recovery.

Normally a 30ml  shot of Cherryactive concentrate, mixed with 300ml plain water does the trick but being the adventurous type I am I decided try something new using my three favourite C’s *Chocolate, Cherry and Coconut* to come up with a simple but effective post training concoction.


1 scoop (22g) of Sunwarrior Raw Vegan Chocolate flavoured Brown Rice Protein Powder

330ml of Tropical Sun Coconut Water

10ml Cherryactive Concentrate Juice


Put all of the above ingredients into your sports flask, shake for approx 10 seconds and voila! Your delicious smooth Chocolate Cherry Coconut shake is ready to drink!

I made this in advance of my workout and left it in the fridge for approx 1.5 hours, ensuring it was nice and chilled before consuming.

It is macro-friendly too, containing only 288 calories for the entire serving and is has a split of 16 g of protein, 55 g of carbs and 2 g of fat *good fats that is*!

The micro-nutrient breakdown contains 4 g of dietary fibre, 23% of Vitamin A, 15% Vitamin C and 27% Iron of your RDA *based on a 2000 cal diet*

If I was to make this again I would definitely use a different brand of coconut water that did not contain added sugar so it is as natural as possible (ran out of pure coconut water so had to make do with Tropical Sun)

There are no limits as to what ingredients you can use to create your own post training cocktail of goodness, be adventurous and experiment!

More recipes to follow 🙂