My First Savsé Launch Party With Rochelle Humes

Back in late June 17, little Eco and I were invited to attend an exclusive press event, My First Savsé Launch Party with brand ambassador Rochelle Humes. For those not familiar with the Savsé brand, it is the UK’s fastest growing fruit and vegetable based smoothie brand and so was delighted to see this company naturally branch into providing natural baby food pouches for babies and toddlers. Below is an overview of the event…

My First Savsé Background

My First Savsé is the first brand in Europe to offer cold pressed baby food. This means that their pouches are made with fresh, 100% organic ingredients and is not pasteurised!


My First Savsé founder Guka Tavberidze decided to use Cold Pressed method in order to lock in the goodness of the fruit and vegetables used to create their different flavours and is never heat pasteurise! Instead, they pride themselves in using High Pressure Processing (HPP) to deactivate bacteria without affecting the fresh flavour or nutritional value. How awesome is that?

Available for babies aged 4 months and over, My First Savsé baby food pouches come in seven innovative nutrient rich bursting flavours including:

  • 100% Apple
  • Blueberry, Prune, plum, apple and banana
  • Carrot, pumpkin, apple and beetroot
  • Cucumber, kiwi, kale, spinach, apple, banana
  • Pear, pea, apple and banana
  • Coconut, cacao, apple, and banana
  • Lentils, sweet potato, carrot and apple

The Launch Party



The launch party was held at The Carousel and had plenty of activities for little ones to enjoy. As well as colouring in books and playing shop with the wooden food and play kitchen, Eco had the pleasure of having his hand and footprints taken all whilst enjoying the amazing flavours on offer. There was also Savse smoothies and delicious canape food.



It was a small, intimate setting with people including the investors, Savsé founder Guka Tavberidze himself and his gorgeous expectant wife, Nutritionist Rosemary Furguson not forgetting My First Savsé Brand Ambassador Rochelle Humes in attendance. Everyone was extremely approachable and just as excited for the launch of this innovative product.


It was a real pleasure to have spoken to everyone and to learn so much information about the brand and founder first hand. Guka and his wife are extremely down to earth and the passion to bring organic cold pressed fruit and vegetable baby food to the masses was felt by everyone in attendance.

I shall conclude by giving you beautiful people an insight of the launch party from the below video footage taken on the day. I hope you have enjoyed reading this overview whilst learning more about My First Savse.

Disclaimer: My Son and I were invited to this exclusive press event and decided to write about it because I genuinely wanted to. This is NOT a sponsored post nor has any money been exchanged. As always my thoughts and opinions are honest and entirely my own.

Photo Credits: My First Savse

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