#LiziLoves – Promoting Health and Wellbeing With Lizi’s Granola

Love Granola? I do too! BUT whilst it’s promoted as a healthier alternative to breakfast and snacking, you’ll be alarmed at the high sugar content each 50g serving typically contains on supermarket shelves. The only brand of Granola I eat if I haven’t made a homemade batch myself is Lizi’s Granola.

Why Lizi’s?

The answer is pretty simple. All of their products are GL tested (glycemic load) which helps to keep one feeling fuller for longer and they boast a much lower sugar content than its rivals! What is impressive is, as a company, they’ve never had to lower their sugar content like other competitors have had to do and even so, they’ve remained the lowest on the market.

When I was contacted on behalf of Lizi’s Granola to take part in their new wellbeing programme #LiziLoves  to help promote health and wellbeing, I jumped at the chance, because after all my deep passions for such topics is what led me to establish this very blog!

Lizi’s Granola has a number of products in their range, but it was two in particular that caught my attention.


Lizi’s offer a Low Sugar alternative that contains less than 4% sugar and a High Protein Granola that counts towards 27% of one’s daily protein needs per 50g serving (how awesome is that?) which makes them both the perfect snack to incorporate as part of your daily diet, irrespective of weather you’re into keeping fit or not.

I particularly LOVE the fact that Lizi’s high protein offering is made with only plant based ingredients such as Soy and is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.


Both offerings are equally scrumptious and personally like to enjoy mine in various smoothie bowl creations, as part of a fruit salad paired with Greek yoghurt or simply sprinkled over warm oat pancakes to give it an extra crunch.

There are also days I eat a 50g serving straight from the bag at home or put some in a container when on-the-go without adding anything else.

All of Lizi’s Granola products are high in fibre, which has no doubt contributed to a better functioning digestive system since adding it as part of my daily diet.

Do you love Granola as much as I do? How do you like to enjoy yours?

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Lizi’s Granola, but as always, thoughts and opinions are honest and entirely my own.