Alternative Tea – Yogi Tea Licorice Egyptian Spice

I have had this tea bag laying around for months, I was given it at an event which I can’t quite remember but I finally took the initiative and made a cup with it.

The aroma from the bag itself indicated that this would be an enjoyable tea, hints of cinnamon came through, licorice (root) was the main ingredient pushed in the packaging but I have never had raw licorice root so I’m not sure what it would smell like.

Nevertheless, the mix of the 2 aforementioned ingredients along with ginger, orange peel and other spices definitely made for 1 of the loveliest scented bags I have come across in my travels, and I am a tea person.

The packaging suggested brewing for 7 or more minutes then using your favourite sweetener to taste, when the kettle had finished boiling I decided to use my new favourite, the Coconut Flower Nectar I received from Cocofina, the taste is light yet substantial enough to counteract with the bitterness of freshly brewed tea.

The taste didn’t disappoint, the spices really came through and along with the Coconut Nectar was a perfect, warm, aromatic start to the morning.

I saved the bag, hoping to get some more life out of it later on, tea lovers will enjoy.