Tots Bots Easyfit Star – An All In One Reusable Cloth Nappy That Rivals The Convenience A Disposable

Good Afternoon Beautiful People. In sticking with the theme of reusable cloth nappies, today is all about one of the leading British Brand Tots Bots. Now Tots Bots have come along way since being established back in the year 2000, and with mixed reviews regarding their previous V3 & V4 nappies, the Tots Bots team have been working hard behind the scenes to bring to the world what they deem “their most convenient nappy to date” the Easyfit Star...

Easyfit Star Overview

The Easyfit Star is an AIO (all in one) nappy designed pretty much like a disposable nappy only without nasty chemicals, dyes and other synthetics known to irritate your precious little ones bot. There is no assembly of additional parts or poppers to get to grips with and is made with simple hook and loop fastenings making changing time a breeze!

The image below shows what the Easyfit Star looks like inside.

Image Copyright This Woman’s Word

My Thoughts On The Easyfit Star

During Real Nappy Week 2016, Tots Bots launched a new campaign entitled #GiveClothAGo and as part of the challenge, we were kindly sent a wonderful package containing everything one would need to use cloth nappies for a week.

Package included:

  • 8 **Easyfit Star Nappies in various prints
  • 2 Bamboozle Stretch Nappies / Peenut Wraps for night time use
  • Laundry necessities including fleece liners, wet bag and Tots Potion detergent.

If I were to summarize my thoughts in one sentence….

My Son and I simply LOVED the #GiveClothAGo challenge and more importantly, LOVED everything about the Easyfit Star!

Baby Eco in Tots Bots Easyfit Star Elements ‘Tweet’ Print – Image Copyright This Woman’s Word

Aside from their super cute prints and aesthetically pleasing colour-ways (more on that later), I was taken aback by the sheer softness of them once I had removed the nappies from its packaging. Not only was the bamboo core super soft to touch, the outer shell of the nappy was equally soft.

Having never used an AIO reusable nappy before I was extremely impressed with the slim fit of the Easyfit Star, so much so that it is now my choice of reusables whenever the occasion presents itself to dress our Son is his Daywear clothes.

Like the majority of other birth to potty reusable nappies on the market, the Easyfit Star fits from 8lbs to 35 lbs and has three different settings.

As of last week we are now using the second setting given my Son’s steady weight gain since birth.

Now back to talking prints and colour-ways, I simply adore the 3 different ranges the Easyfit Star  comes in.


Print: Twinkle – Image Copyright This Woman’s Word

Storytime Collection 2 

Prints From Left to Right: Elves and The Shoe Maker, The Ugly Duckling and Rapunzel – Image Copyright This Woman’s Word

Block Colours

Block Colours From Left to Right: Cherub, Pumpkin & Sugar Plum – Image Copyright This Woman’s Word

I of course was naturally drawn to the block colours as the phrases given for each nappy in this range is what I use when addressing / talking to my Son. It’s almost like they were made for us!


Being able to trial the Easyfit Star for exclusively for a week has been a true delight. I am pleased to report we have had ZERO leaks or accidents when using these nappies (even during night time) This together with how simple it is for caregivers to use puts Tots Bots in my Top 2 of cloth nappy brands I Love, Trust and would Recommend. Washing them has been simply too, and so far have managed to come out looking brand new, despite my Son’s daily poonami’s.

To dry them I’ll either line dry near the biggest window of my first floor flat or if my cloth nappy stash is running particularly low, I will put them in the tumble dryer on a low setting.

Baby Eco Enjoying Tummy Time With His Tots Bots Easyfit Star Cloth Nappy Stash! Image Copyright This Woman’s Word

Since taking the #GiveClothAGo challenge with my Son, I now have the confidence to use cloth full time. These will be my reusable nappies of choice when out and about running errands or visiting family as opposed to my usual routine of using cloth at home and eco-friendly disposables on the go. As the cost of investing in birth to potty packs are quite steep, Tots Bots have a payment plan for expectants mothers or caregivers to spread the cost over the course of 6 months or less which for me is a MAJOR plus and BIG thumbs up (other cloth nappy brands take note!)

Other positives this challenge has had include my increased passion for using reusable cloth nappies in general, so much so that this Mamma is now seriously considering and looking into starting a Nappy Library within my local area with a view to show expectant mothers, parents and caregivers just how easy the transition from disposables to cloth actually is whilst dispelling any myths / untruths they might have heard to discourage them from making this change.

I did mention that our package included 2 Bamboozle Stretch Nappies and Waterproof Peenut Wraps, but will share my thoughts on these other reusable cloth nappy alternative in a separate upcoming article.

Thank You Tots Bots and the ever delightful Bump PR team for sealing my love of cloth! I am officially a Cloth Nappy Convert, in particular a Tots Bots Convert and will continue to spread the fluffy love 🙂

Disclaimer: Items marked with a ** next to them are PR Samples kindly sent for me to try. This is NOT a sponsored / collaboration post and NO money has been exchanged. As always, my thoughts and opinions are honest and entirely my own.

  • Ana Green

    Great review Dani, I have been enjoying using the V4,s but these look even better, I am slowly building a big enough stash to do cloth full time Xx