Using Essential Oils As Part Of Our Daily Routine

*This is a sponsored post is in collaboration with New Directions Aromatics* Ever since I became a Mother to little Eco 16 months ago tomorrow please god I find myself busier than I have ever been before! The daily runs of attending various baby/toddler groups, trips to the local supermarket and parks coupled with the many tasks that comes along with looking after a little person full time (not to mention attempting to run and manage all blog/ freelance related tasks alongside Motherhood) can ultimately leave one completely exhausted and at the end of the day. 

I have recently been looking into using essential oils as part of our daily routine to add a sense of calm and restoration to my household… not only for myself, but for my significant other and also as part of little Eco’s Bedtime routine too!

It is no secret that Aromatherapy can help promote psychological, physical and inner well-being for this method has been around for many decades but what is more fascinating (well at least to me) is its use as a form of alternative medicine when applied topically to help aid with things like pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function to name a few.

For those who regularly read my blog you would already know that I am a HUGE Natural Products advocate so I am surprised that I had previously overlooked this method before.

Sure, I have used many products over the last 3 years that contain essential oils but to use them on its own or blended with a carrier oil is a world completely new and unfamiliar to me.


To help me get started on my essential oils journey, I have enlisted the help of a 10 awesome Green Beauty and Parenting bloggers who have kindly shared their Top Tips and Favourite Essential Oil Blends for you and I to consider

Sarah, who writes over at Arthur Wears advised: “I use lavender and tea tree mixed with water on reusable wipes for my little one. It is antibacterial, natural way of cleaning and smells loads better than babywipes….and just go in the wash after”.

Lauren, who writes over at Scrapbookblog said: “We use peppermint on car seat headrests to help with travel sickness, and lavender for sleep and relaxation”.

Erica, who writes over at A Little Luxury For Me shared this great tip I use a few drops of essential oils (I just pick out my favourite scents) with my eco balls for laundry. The balls clean my washing, but I like my washing to smell nice”

Alison, fellow parent blogger who writes over at Five Little Stars told me: I am Australian originally, with two British children! I just love using eucalyptus oil in warm water for cleaning the bathroom. It is so cleansing and the smell wafts around the house for days. It reminds me of home! I believe it keeps mosquitoes away so I use it in the bathroom near their bedrooms”.

Eva, mother to a toddler boy and baby girl who writes over at Captain Bobcat:  My favourite is Orange Blossom and Eucalyptus, both  are antibacterial so it’s great using it with children. I also love Jasmin for the bedroom and Ylang Ylang for the bedroom, just because I love those scents. I use a diffuser, and it’s basically on most of the time”. 

Esther, who writes over at Inside Out and About “In winter we use them a lot with the children who are 1, 3 and 5. DoTerra do a blend called ‘Breathe‘ that I put on their feet or back if they have a cold or cough. There is one called ‘On guard‘ too which I diffuse if there is illness in the house. They are both amazing! For myself I like adding them to baths, a Eucalyptus for a facial steam or Peppermint on my wrists for a mild headache. I love Tea Tree for spots too…mixed with Aloe Vera Gel“.

Ana, mother of 2 and fellow green beauty blogger who writes over at Ana Goes Green. “My favourites are a simple Lavender and Chamomile blend on my pulse points before bed to relax”.

Sophie, who writes over at Sophie and Lilly shared: “Tea tree oil diluted in a spray for hair. If it works as a headlice deterrent then fab, otherwise it smells lovely”.

Kirsty, mother of two who writes over at Kirsty Dee advises: I burn Frankincense in the room as it’s great for anxiety. It relaxes the kids, but more importantly me. As you know if mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy and all that. Also when my son was a baby I use to put a few drops of Lavender on a cotton ball and place it hanging above his cot and he started to sleep through the night. I would only allow it to be used at night, so that not only did it relax him aiding him to sleep, but he also started to make the connection that when he smelt it that it was time to sleep”.

Bei, a dear friend and fellow green beauty blogger who writes over at Beifit said: Peppermint essential oil I find can help with headaches. Just a few drops rubbed/massaged onto the temples and the back of the neck can ease the tension without the use of pills. A few drops of Lavender oil on a pillow to help aid a peaceful sleep when feeling restlesss”.

I am sure you will agree we have some fabulous suggestions regarding the types of essential oil blends to use in different scenarios.

Eucalyptus appears to be very popular alongside Lavender and Tea tree for the little people in our lives.

Now equipped with a little more knowledge than I had before writing this article thanks to my blogging friends I am going to get my nostrils acquainted with each aroma before finally reaching a decision on which oils to get for my household.

My train of thought is that purchasing individual bottles might be too costly (especially organic versions for little Eco) so will look into the possibility of purchasing wholesale essential oils and completing a price comparison  to see what type of savings can be made.

Do you use Essential Oils as part of your daily routine? I would love to know your suggestions and tips by leaving a comment in the box below.