Soil Association Organic Beauty Week 8th – 14th September 2014 – Make Small Changes To Appreciate A Big Difference!

Being someone that had made a conscious decision at the beginning of this year to transition all of my existing toxin riddled and potentially harmful hair-care, skincare, beauty and cosmetics products in favour of using products made with only natural, ethical and organic ingredients, I thought it was particularly fitting for me to actively get involved in Soil Association‘s #OrganicSeptember and #OrganicBeauty on social media platform twitter whilst posting some informative articles of my own over the coming days, weeks and years ahead please god!

The campaign will be running from 8th – 14th September 2014 which aims to increase awareness of health and beauty products made with organic ingredients whilst highlighting their benefits.

Organic September is becoming increasing popular throughout the UK, with numerous activities happening up and down the country.

Why Organic Beauty You Ask?

By choosing to use natural and organic beauty products, you are effectively investing in and protecting your health by avoiding synthetically produced man-made chemicals and metals that have been linked to health concerns for the past 50 years. It is very worrying to know that most of these substances have never actually been tested as ‘safe to use’ for humans.

The skin is the largest organ in our body, FACT! So, what we effectively put on our skin will be absorbed into our bodies, with some ingredients reaching our blood vessels below the skin which then gets transported around our body.

If we are conscious and mindful of the things we put into our body i.e, what we eat and drink by reducing the amount of processed foods, refined sugar, alcohol and frizzy drinks we consume, shouldn’t these very same principles be applied when choosing our skincare and beauty products?

I undoubtedly think so! Hence making that conscious decision myself at the start of January this year to make ‘small changes’ not only mine, but also to my loved ones health and overall well-being. By slowly introducing organic beauty products at the beginning of this year, I eventually made the complete transition.

You see, by making ‘small changes’ to our everyday routine and making that choice to use organic beauty products for yourself and your family, we will not only be protecting our health but our planet too! (a huge bonus).


Ingredients To Avoid in Beauty Products

I shall be publishing a few articles over the coming days that will go into further detail as to why particular ingredients should be avoided when choosing beauty products, but to get you started, below are a few of the main culprits known to cause health issues, irritation and concerns when used over a period of time.

  • PEGs, alcohol, fragrance, parabens, 1.4 dioxane, formaldehyde, mercury, lead, aluminum (toxic metals)
  • Coal tar, SLES, SLS (harsh agents that makes things like shampoos or shower gels lather up)
  • Phthalates, Proropylene glycol, DEA, TEA, MEA, ETA (those four are commonly known as Ethanolamines)
  • Hydroquinone, Petroleum by-products like distillates and solvents, silicones, synthetic dyes.

Don’t Be Fooled – Become familiar with the labels and logos!

Not all organic brands that claim to be ‘organic’ are legitimately organic! Products that are genuinely organic must contain between 70% and 90% organic ingredients and non-GM (GM Free) for it be accredited and certified by the Soil Association. That said not all organic brands (especially niche and start-ups at its growing stage) are certified organic because of the high costs that come with being accredited.

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So now you know (if you didn’t already) what Organic September and Organic Beauty Week is all about. If you have a Twitter account why not follow Soil Association and join me and the thousands of others to help spread the awareness of #organicbeauty

What ‘Small Changes‘ will you make this September and Beyond? Remember, make small changes to appreciate a BIG difference 🙂