MyPure: Le Savvonier Marseillais Review – Extra Pure Olive Oil Soap With Peppermint Essential Oil

My love affair with all things toiletries, in particular bath and shower products just never seems to end! I cannot put into words just how much I look forward to bath time as I see it as an opportunity for some well earned ‘me time’ whilst unwinding and locking myself off from the world temporarily. Whilst looking for something new on the MyPure site this month, I came across Le Savvonier Marseillais Extra Pure Olive Oil Soap With Peppermint Essential Oil.

Apart from the packaging (more on that in just a bit), I was particularly impressed to learn that the Le Savonnier Marseillais brand and range of products are made with 100% natural and biodegradable olive oil based liquid body soaps with pure essential oils, In layman’s terms that means…

  • NO added colours
  • NO synthetic fragrances
  • NO solvents and
  • NO animal by-products


I was instantly drawn to the shape and elegant look this 500 ml bottle displays. Despite being big, it is not too masculine looking and loved the choice of white and turquoise fonts used on the label throughout. Unlike most bath and shower gel products that are either squeezable or pouring the contents out, Le Savvonier Marseillais is cleverly designed with an easy to use  dispenser cap lid ensuring no waste occurs. I’m sure we have all been there before, when much to our annoyance, we and up tipping out more contents than we desired. For this reason alone packaging scores 10/10

Le Savonnier Marseillais – Extra Pure Olive Oil Soap With Peppermint Essential Oil 500 ml 

Upon using this for the first time I opted to add a few pumps of the nicely scented but not over empowering peppermint soap directly to my bathwater. Whilst it didn’t form big pretty bath bubbles I was keen to see if the brand’s claims and unique selling point of replicating a ‘hammam’ bath was actually true.

Now I couldn’t put this claim 100% to the test for I have yet to experience a hammam bath in my lifetime, but being a complete bath fiend I do know when I’ve had a great bath experience! I closed my eyes and relaxed for a good 20 mins or more, feeling a slight tingling sensation as the peppermint submerged my entire body.

Washing with it was a delight too! One pump is all you need for it to provides a nice lather and left my skin feeling wonderfully smooth after rising with warm water. Usually when using products with high oil content, ones body can be left feeling very slippery (how I greatly despise that feeling) but didn’t experience not once after using this at least five times since its arrival. Product Score 8/10


Aqua, Potassium olivate, Pottasium cocoate, Sodium chloride, Glycerin, Essential oils, Citric acid,Potassium hydroxide, D-Limonene.

Purchasing a 500 ml bottle of Le Savonnier Marseillais – Extra Pure Olive Oil Soap With Peppermint Essential Oil will cost you, at present £11.25 when brought direct from the MyPure site and will go back up to £12.50 when MyPure’s 10% off sale ends at midnight tonight so be quick if you’re seriously considering in making this one of your natural / organic bath purchases. Cost Score 8 / 10

Le Savonnier Marseillais had me pleasantly surprised with their peppermint infused olive oil soap and as such, left me keen to try out their other products which includes olive oil soap with Orange Blossom and Lavendar Essential Oil as well as their biodegradable olive oil soap block. Overall Score 8.5 / 10

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