Coming Up On The Natural Beauty and Skincare Category

Welcome to the latest addition to This Woman’s Word. As I begin to naturally explore other avenues of health and inner well-being, my blog will also evolve with me. With that in mind,  I have decided to introduce a Natural ‘Beauty Essentials’ Category which will showcase an array of trusted brands that offer eco friendly, free from natural skincare, haircare, beauty and well-being products.

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I have recently expressed a deep and keen interest in Natural Skincare and Beauty products.

At the beginning of December 13, I made a conscious decision to take the same approach with my skincare and beauty regime as I do with my daily diet…. they had to contain natural products, preferably organic but not too fussed about this requirement which no nasties with minimal chemicals added that are known to be harmful to our health.

This meant saying goodbye to pretty much most of my make-up bag, my beloved toiletries, bath stuff and shower gels, haircare products and spray on deodorant to start from scratch as they unfortunately contained most of the ingredients I am now trying to avoid!

Whilst I am new to this industry, I have been researching a ton to ensure what ingredients / added chemicals to stay clear from as well as the ingredients that is safe to put on our skin. To help keep me on track, I shall be regularly reading articles and seeking advice where needed with some recently discovered awesome natural beauty bloggers and industry experts I found over the last few weeks.

I shall also be documenting my thoughts and opinions on the products and brands I have chosen to test out and try for my skin type.

Join me on this latest journey as I explore this new world of natural beauty and skincare products.

If you, like me are also making this same transition, or have been using natural beauty / skincare products for a while, I would love to know your thought on brands you trust, tried and recommend by leaving a comment in the box below 🙂