Allergy UK Awarded Vegan Beauty Brand Premae Skincare Launches Word’s 1st Mango Butter Based Mattifying Mousse Foundation

Whether you’re a make-up or beauty enthusiast, ladies this is one product launch that is sure NOT TO BE MISSED! Allergy UK Awarded Vegan Beauty Brand Premae Skincare is due to launch their 1st mattifying mousse foundation line at The Allergy Show held at Kensington Olympia, London this weekend (5th & 6th June 14). Suitable for all skin types, the foundations will be available in 15 luxury shades from Pale to Very Dark, catering to classic combination dry, mature and sensitive skin.

The shades are wonderfully named after Gluten-free whole grains and superfood ingredients which resemble each foundation shade such as Rye and Quinoa (absolutely loving this concept).


The foundation is made with a new unique base of Mango Butter, and just incase you thought I made a typo you did read correctly. This is the World’s 1st Mango Butter based foundation using only 10 probiotic ingredients and natural preservatives.

The MM foundation, which is said to provide more coverage than a BB and CC creme, non-comodegenic (non-pore clogging), yet wearable, breathable AND safe enough to SLEEP in, this foundation is shaping up to be a pioneering formula, which took three years for founder, Lady Clare Eluka, to conceive.

The NEW Mattifying Mousse foundation has the same technical and scientific attributes as the rest of the multi-award winning Premae Skincare range and is:

  • Free-from Gluten
  • Free-from Nuts and Tree Nuts
  • Free-from Parabens, Petrochemicals and SLS.


Never before have I been soooo excited about a cosmetic product launch, but I guess that’s partly down to being left frustrated that cosmetic brands (in particular natural cosmetic brands) do not cater enough to women of colour.

I have lost count of the times I have been eager to try a brand of foundation or concealer for the shade to be too light and ashy looking against my complexion or simply too dark. I know my friends and family members can relate to these experiences and share the same frustration as me!

Premae Skincare founder Lady Clare Eluka seems to have this sussed down to a tea with the array of different shades available and after seeing a cheeky preview on Premae’s Twitter handle a few weeks ago, I just knew I had to share my exciting discovery with you all.

I honestly cannot wait to head down to Kensington Olympia with my friends to get colour matched this coming Saturday and am eager to see if Premae MM foundation is the naturalvegan substitute for my once beloved and toxin riddled MAC foundation.

Should you also be intrigued by Premae Skincare’s NEW Mattifying Mousse Foundation and want to get colour matched yourself and recieve a FREE 15 minute makeover, fill out this quick registration form to obtain your FREE tickets to The Allergy Show whilst booking your preferred date and time with Premae Skincare here.

The Premae Mattifying Mousse Foundation 15g will be available to purchase at The Allergy Show at the price of £29.00 but if you book in advance to get your colour match like my friends and I have you will be entitled to cool 10% off.

You can’t say I don’t have your best interests at heart ladies.

Until the next discovery 🙂

Photo Credit: Charlotte Beasley

MUA and Hair: Chantelle Graham (CSG Beauty) and Emma Carvel ( The Vegan Makeup Artist)

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post nor am I being paid to write this article. I am simply sharing information I think my friends, readers and followers will be interested in.