Close – Pop In Newborn Pack & New Gen V2 Birth To Potty Reusable Nappies

Good Evening Beautiful People. I trust everyone is well on what was a beautiful Spring day here in London, England. As part of my review series on reusable cloth nappies, today I will be sharing my thoughts on a British brand I have grown to LOVE Close formerly known as Close Parent. This Hertford brand not only specialises in baby carriers, feeding and swim essentials, they are also well known for their brilliant award-winning reusable nappies.  

They currently have two versions available, a newborn pack specifically designed for smaller / pre-term babies weighing from 5 – 12lbs, (2-5.5kgs) and their multi-award winning Pop-In New Gen V2, a birth to potty 2 part nappy system designed to fit most babies weighing from 8-35lbs. 

Thoughts on Close Pop-In Newborn Pack

I was kindly gifted a pack to try ahead of Baby Eco’s birth back in late February 16. These nappies were my first proper encounter in using reusable cloth and LOVED how simple the design was. The outer waterproof wrap with velcro fastenings positioned typically at the front looks like a disposable nappy albeit better!

The outer wrap can be easily be wiped clean and re-used if it hasn’t been soiled, leaving caregivers the simple task of simply pop-in another soaker come change time (see what I did there?)

It’s as easy as that!

It is also worth mentioning the double sided design on the soaker which means one can choose either 100% soya… known as vegetable cashmere or stay dry suede cloth against the baby’s delicate skin. I opted to use the stay dry suede cloth (the yellow side) and started to fold the soaker back on itself when my Son was 5 weeks old to provide more support at the front where baby boys need it most.

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The front section of the nappy is contoured to sit below the umbilical cord and is much slimmer than it’s older sibling the New Gen V2. Pop In newborn nappies are intended for lower wetting, high frequency changing during those first few weeks and am pleased to say they worked a dream for us following Baby Eco’s first few weeks of life as I found myself changing my Son anywhere between 8-12 times over a 24 hour period (yes that many!)

Close also prides itself on designing a unique double gusset around the upper leg and thigh area and for me, this clever design ticks ALL the boxes when looking for and even recommending cloth nappies to expectant friends, relatives and my awesome readership. Why you ask? It’s simple….

Babies are born in different shapes and sizes so from long skinny legs to short chunky thighs, the double gusset ensures a super snug fit around your precious little infant, thus greatly reducing the risks of leaks and accidents.

Speaking of accidents, we did unfortunately had just one during the 7 weeks we used them (a massive poonami explosion which resulted in me having to change is entire outfit) but put this down to my Son fastly approaching the maximum weight for this nappy (12lbs) as opposed to being deemed an unreliable nappy which prompted me to upgrade to their newest birth to potty nappy… Pop-In New Gen V2.

Thoughts On Close Pop In New Gen V2 ‘Brights’

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I have only been in receipt of these Pop-In New Gen V2’s Brights courtesy of Close for what is approaching 3 weeks now but after using them exclusively for one week I can confirm they are one of the best my Son has as part of his ever growing cloth nappy stash! (top 2 to be exact).

Whilst noticeably bulkier than their newborn count-parts, these Pop-in’s have stretchy tabs just like a disposable nappy would to ensure a snug fit around your little one and again is made with soft waterproof shell, only this time features a clever absorbent panel in the outer shell which helps hold the wetness in the middle of the nappy to get extra dry time between changes.

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Unlike the newborn pack, the New Gen V2 have been designed to include new hidden wash tabs, which greatly reduces the velcro becoming stuck onto other items you have in your washing machine (a minor critique when using the pop in newborn version) With a choice between Bamboo or Minky (we have Bamboo) all packs come with an addition of a night time booster or three depending on which one you end up purchasing. Now I consider my Son a heavy wetter, but found that the V2’s can perfectly hold his power wees during the night (12am – 6am) without having to use the night time booster but predict this will change the older he gets.

To give you a visual idea of what Stage 1 looks like in comparison to our current setting as of this week at Stage 2, see below images.

Stage 1 – 8lbs – 12lbs (3.5 – 5.45kg) Image Copyright This Woman’s Word
Stage 2 – 12lbs – 17lbs (5.45kg – 11.36kg) Image Copyright This Woman’s Word

Aside from the great, eco-conscious products Close provide, it is their customer service support that truly stands out and are always happy to help with any queries you may have via their social media channels or by calling their offices as I have done on numerous occasions.

We are big fans of Close here at TWW HQ, so much so that I have decided to invest in another little box of Pop-In New Gen V2, only this time in the ever delightful pastel range. I also have my eyes firmly set on their newest and adorable prints available exclusively from online eco-conscious retailer Babi Pur.

For more information on Close, including their reusable nappies, feeding / swim equipment and retailers that stock the brand, they can be found online by visiting Close website, Close Facebook or by simply following them via Twitter.

  • Ana Green

    I bought one of these v2 pop ins from babipur, so far only used it once but the prints are lovely! Xx