Muscle Food Protein Bread

I wasn’t sure what to expect when trying this out for the 1st time.

You hear about alternatives all the time tasting great and when you try them they really taste like alternatives and nothing as good as the original.

It seems we are still a long way away from great tasting foods which are healthy for you, I am pleased to say however that this protein loaf from Muscle Food is definitely 1 of those foods which is living up to expectations.

The 1st thing you notice is the bread is slightly more springy than the average loaf, maybe due to the high protein content, but apart from that there really is nothing to tell this apart from a really good wholemeal loaf.

I broke off a bit from a slice and it had a really nice nutty texture and taste, it wasn’t too thick and went down easily, I toasted the remaining slice with another slice and spread coconut oil and almond butter on top of it.

Was a really pleasant wholesome experience and great to know over 30g of protein contained per 2 slices.

That is not too far off a protein shake, not to be sniffed at.

Try some from Muscle Food here with a choice of free gifts in your basket when you click through this link.

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