Muscle Food Pineapple Chicken with Brown Rice Meal

This high in protein ready meal boasts over 38g of protein aswell as being only 408 calories.

It comes pre cooked but I prefer my food hot so popped it in the microwave for 2 mins.

It came with it’s own 2 piece fork but when fitted together formed a really sturdy eating utensil, not the usual flimsy small plastic forks you get in other ready meal packs.

Upon lifting the lid I was hit with nice aromas, I didn’t notice too much Pineapple inside but there was plenty of Chicken which I was surprised at as ready meals can be a bit stingy in that department.

There was also a generous serving of Carrots which worked well with the tomato sauce the rice was served in.

I enjoyed the meal and was left feeling satisfied after, definitely something I would pick up again or have for lunch.

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