Muscle Food Lean Great British Beef Mince

I must admit I am a fan of good minced beef, though I mostly stay away from the lean kind having had bad experiences in the past.

Beef tends to need a bit of fat to add some flavour but I was up for trying some of muscle foods lean variety.

It was packed well in the delivery box however the sight of minced beef coming in a vacuum pack may throw you a little.

When I opened the pack and put the beef in the hot frying pan it didn’t melt away, which is a sure sign you have a lean cut.

I added some chillies I got from a local farmers market and made my own sauce from a tin of tomatoes and herbs, I try to add extra flavour to lean mince because of what it looses without the fat.

Taste wise I was pleasantly surprised, it retained more flavour than the lean mince I have picked up from Asda in the past.

With only slightly more fat than it’s equivalent weight in chicken breast this is a great way to keep your food interesting but healthy in the week, just remember to be generous with your seasoning.

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