Muscle Food High Protein Toffee Muffin

Out of my recent delivery from Muscle Food this is probably the product I was anticipating trying the most.

The reviews on the website were good so I couldn’t wait to give my own thoughts on these high protein toffee muffins which boast a very decent 20g of protein per muffin.

At 374 Cals a serving this is pretty much a meal replacement but in essentially what is a cheat food, great huh?

Per muffin the macro breakdown is:

  • Cals 374
  • Protein 20g
  • Carbs 37g
  • fat 15.7g
  • fibre 2.3g

A quick comparison to an Ultimate Vanilla and Chocolate muffin from Tesco tells a more complete story.

The Tesco muffin is 540 calories compared to the Muscle Food muffins 374.

Carbs 67g compared to 37g, protein 7g compared to 20g and fat 26g compared to 15.7g with no fibre content.

You can see the high protein muffin is superior in every aspect, but what about taste?

On opening the pack the muffin looked extremely moist, maybe partly to do with the fact it is individually sealed in a plastic wrapper.

The texture and smells were familiar with what I would expect from a typical muffin and it delivered a rich toffee taste from the 1st bite.

A truly scrumptious muffin.

As of today my boyfriend and I have gone through 5 out of 6 in the pack, the last 1 only remains because we wanted to take a picture for this blog, kinda tells it’s own story.

Try some from Muscle Food here with a choice of free gifts in your basket when you click through this link.

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