Smart Shake Review – A Leak Proof Three Way Compartment Eye Catching Sports Shaker

Now that I regularly consume raw vegan protein powder as  part of my recovery process post training, I have been on the hunt for a decent, leak-proof sports shaker. Low and behold I found what I was looking for in the form of  Smart Shake. I came across this brand when Smart Shake UK followed my personal twitter account @breakinboundrez.

Immediately drawn to their profile picture which displayed an array of vibrant, uber cool neon colours, I decided to have a nosey on their official website in order to find out more.

Upon browsing through the range, the main thing that impressed me about this particular sports shaker was the detachable storage areas located in the middle and base of the flask. Designed for fellow sports, gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts in mind, these clever little compartments can be used to store pre and post snacks in, or be it training accessories *I conveniently store my gum shield in the middle as shown in the picture above*

For me these compartments are a total god-send as most things can be stored within the shaker. Gone are the days of packing additional tupperware that takes up a vast amount of space, wrapping up your preferred supplements / protein powder in foil or rummaging through your gym bag in a desperate attempt to locate those small bag of almonds, mixed seeds or by then, coming across the poor squashed banana you saved to eat as a post training snack.

The added bonus for me was having somewhere to attach your house keys / gym locker key *thumbs up*

Whilst the shaker holds up to 400ml, I honestly don’t mind sacrificing the extra 200ml of water would I usually get in a typical sports shaker. I still get the same amount of protein when using Smart Shake, the only difference is my Sunwarrior Chocolate shake is more thicker and creamer than normal *nom*

When faced with the decision to choose which shaker I wanted, I knew it would have to be the vibrant, ever cool neon series range and after much deliberation mixing and matching different colours in my head lol, I finally chose the colours of my fitness website.

Aside from the aesthetically pleasing colours and functions of the shaker, it is also Micro-wave, Dishwasher AND Freezer safe!

For those that love colour co-coordinating to match your fitness apparel,  favourite training sneeks, mood and personality,  these smart shakes are a must have as part of your sports accessories / kit.

Smart Shakes UK can be found online by visiting the Smart Shake website , Smart Shake UK facebook or by following them on Twitter.

For all those who reside state side, you can also find Smart Shakes online by visiting the official Smart Shake website Smart Shake facebook or by following them on Twitter.