PROMiXX Vortex Mixer Review – A Protein Shaker Like No Other

When it comes to protein mixers and shakes, they all seem to be heavily reliant of vigorous manual shaking so when I stumbled across the ProMixx Vortex Mixer a few months back via an RT of someone I follow, I was extremely intrigued to see what made this product any different to the rest of the mixers and shakers on the market so decided to follow them via Twitter in order to be kept up-to-date with them.

To my delight, the ProMixx team emailed me recently, asking if I would like to review their product for my site.

Curiosity got the better of me and I willingly accepted their kind gesture for I thought that my readers and followers will be just as intrigued as I was to see what all the fuss was about.

So without further ado, I shall share with you…

My Thoughts on the Promixx Vortex

I’m not going to lie; I was a bit sceptical about the ProMixx Vortex Mixer at first as I wondered if something battery powered could give a motor enough force to take lumps out of a shake!

I was wrong to doubt this product as it worked fantastically well, handling everything I threw its way with relative ease.

I didn’t have any triple A batteries lying around so I took them out of the TV remote control, not a big deal as I only needed them for the mixer temporarily.


I used Sativa Shakes Strawberry and Banana (a protein powder I usually use with a normal shaker).

With most powders, I find myself having to do quite a bit of shaking to minimise lumps when using a regular shaker.

I pressed the vortex shaker button to turn it on and to my surprise it did what it said, produced a vortex!

It looked sort of like a tornado in a bottle, and brought out my inner nerd as I found it quite fascinating to watch.

The truth was in the tasting and I was very pleasantly surprised to say it mixed perfectly, better than any mixer I have previously used, all without the effort (which can be quite taxing on the elbow joint as I’m sure many of you will testify to).

I need to make you aware the ProxMixx was tested with a not so new battery, but despite this still produced quite an amazing result.

This product gets a 10/10 from me, and after testing it out is a product I highly recommend and would make a great addition to any fitness enthusiasts kit / gym bag (you will not be disappointed!)

The ProMixx Vortex Mixer can be purchased from a number of stocklists and at the time of writing this article, can be brought from Amazon priced at a reasonably priced £18.79.

Gone are the days of attempting to vigorously manual shake my protein concoction after an intense weights / kettle bell session as I can now give my arms a well deserved rest whilst letting the Vortex Mixer do its magic by producing a smooth, silky, no lump beverage.

For more information on the ProMixx Vortex Mixer, including where to purchase should you be in the market for a decent mixer, they can be found online by visiting theProMixx Vortex website, ProMixx Vortex Facebook or by simply following them on Twitter.